After the News about the Sujiatun Concentration Camp Broke

An Overseas Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | April 2, 2006

[] After the
news about the Sujiatun concentration camp broke, I was shocked but
didn't think about it much. During the past several years, I have heard
and seen too much.  In addition, I told myself that have many Dafa
projects on hand and I cannot be distracted.

I have been following the news mechanically, reading the sharing on
emails, seeing practitioners taking the actions of staging a sit-in in
front of the White House.  My heart was not moved.  

A fellow practitioner called and asked me whether I could prepare a TV
program.  I asked him about the topic.  He said it was about
the Sujiatun concentration camp.  I immediately said, "Please find
someone else."  I didn't know what I could talk about.  

After hanging up the phone, I became a little bit aware that something
was wrong with me.  "I didn't know what I could talk about." 
On the issue of thousands of fellow practitioners' tragic experiences
and such crimes against humanity, I even "didn't know what I could talk
about."  There must be something wrong with me!

I did the morning exercises. The sitting meditation felt so painful
after only 45 minutes.  I almost fainted from the pain. It felt as
bad as when I initially started to cultivate. Back then, I could only
meditate for half an hour while sitting in the double lotus
position.  While lamenting over how I had made backward progress
at something as basic to cultivation as sitting meditation, I suddenly
of those fellow practitioners whose organs were removed while the were
still alive. What kind of pain they must have been in!

The fellow practitioner still wanted me to produce the TV
program.  I thought I should carefully study this Sujiatun
incident from a new perspective.  I started learning about the
details.  After reading the Epoch Times'
reports and some sharing of Washington DC practitioners, I woke up from
indifference.  Combined with recent events, I have the following

 The day before yesterday, I had the opportunity to clarify the
facts about the persecution of Falun Gong to more than a dozen
Americans.  When we talked about personal beliefs, religion, and
exercises, everyone had different opinions.  Nobody could convince
anybody else.  Only when we talked about the Sujiatun
concentration camp, before I could explain it in details, they were all
shocked.  They said that it was surprisingly similar to the
genocide of the Jewish people by the Nazis.  During World War II,
very few people knew about what was going on at the Auschwitz
concentration camp.  The few people who heard about it refused to
believe it.  Only when the allied army of the entered the
concentration camp, did people realize what had been going and feel
shocked by the tragic scenes.  The Americans can't believe that
the same thing could have happened in today's China.  They can't
understand why the U.S. government and most media outlets have remained
silent.  They criticized American-based multinational corporations
that have abandoned personal principles for profits.

In short, just like what fellow practitioners shared in the past, if
they learn about the Sujiatun concentration camp and still remain
apathetic, they are really in danger or we haven't fully utilized this
opportunity to deepen truth-clarification.  When we miss the
chance to clarify the truth to the people, what we will feel in the
future is only regret, regret, and regret...

A few days ago, two veteran practitioners near me were taken away by
the evil.  For me who has been with one of them during the last
couple of days before his life, my deepest feeling is that we could
have done better.  They could have stayed on if our group had
supported them with righteous thoughts.  However, everyone was
busy, busy, and busy.  We are so busy that we are almost numb.

We feel the pain when one or two practitioners die.  When we hear
about thousands at Sujiatun and that the remaining practitioners there
could lose their lives in the most evil way at any time, and if we
haven't done what we can do to stop this, what kind of pain and guilt
will we have!

Another thing occurred to me. In order to get what it wants, the old
forces have never treated life as anything precious.  As they draw
their last breaths, as they don't want to be removed, the only thing
they can do is to crazily interfere with the righteous thoughts of
disciples, control ordinary people, and even disciples (when our
righteous thoughts and beliefs are not so firm.)  Maybe this can
explain the indifference of ordinary people.

Break though, there is another realm.  We need to help ordinary
people to get rid of interference and control and help them understand
this with their main conscience.  The head of the evil party will
come to the US again.  How can we use our activities to expose the
evilness of the Chinese communist party to the fullest and tell people
the reality of its upcoming collapse?  Things that had happened in
the Nazi concentration camps were only revealed after the end of Second
World War.  The exposure of the Sujiatun concentration camp
indicates that the disintegration of Chinese communist party is around
the corner.  We need to let people know this.

When I write to this point, I suddenly realize something only when we
catch up with the Fa-rectification, we can do well what we want to do.
If the mainstream western society, big corporations and businesses do
not know the huge change China is undergoing, they don't understand the
important role our practitioners' media outlets play, they will choose
to advertise on other media outlets because of short-term
interests.  They even say this and that about us.

We are indeed all very busy.  But however busy we are, we cannot
forget the important things.  How can we utilize the current
opportunity well and how to continue our current activities, need our
better sharing, coordination, cooperation and arrangements.

The above is my humble personal opinion.  

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