A Western Practitioner

PureInsight | March 12, 2006

[] An open wound
is a gap. What happens when bacteria and viruses enter a wound and are
left untreated? Infection sets in. Such an infection can eventually
affect the whole body; unless radical treatment is immediately begun to
stem the infection, one is at death's door.

So it is with Falun Dafa cultivators who permit gaps on their
cultivation path to remain open. A tiny gap, unless dealt with, can
become a large hole, and eventually a chasm, from which it is difficult
to step back, onto safe ground, and avoid the fall into the abyss.

How can a cultivator quickly close a gap? Different cultivators close
gaps in differing ways - but all genuine Fa-based methods will
certainly foil Lucifer's intent to derail our journey toward spiritual
perfection. Lucifer, in the Christian tradition, represents the devil
and all its evil. Lucifer was one of the gods' chosen ones, endowed
with great powers, but became too self-centered and smug and worldly,
and thought his ideas and deeds were equal to those of enlightened
beings. He was punished and lost his place of privilege and was cast
down, to his eternal regret.

We have to mind so much on our path - integrity, propriety, learning,
truthfulness, humility, loyalty, sound reasoning, logical caution,
perseverance, dependability, compassion, self-discipline and tolerance.
We are faced with daunting tasks right now that need all our immediate
attention and concentration and cooperation. It is easy to forego our
commitment to persistent Fa study, but daily Fa study and sending our
noble, altruistic thoughts in accordance with the Fa toward the heavens
is the only way we can achieve what we set out do accomplish, without
leaving a gap that might be our undoing. Let no wounds develop and no
infection set in.

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