In a Few Words: Do Things without Pursuit

PureInsight | March 26, 2006

[] When I went
back to my hometown for the Chinese New Year, I heard a legend.
According to the legend, there was once a rock with a precious stone
hidden inside. The rock would only split open if it was hit with a
hammer one thousand times. People didn't know that. Many people hit the
rock with a hammer once or several times. But when they saw that
nothing had happened, they would go off to do other things. Finally,
one person came there and hit the rock gently only once. The rock broke
into pieces instantly, revealing the precious stone inside. People
admired that person tremendously and treated him as a hero.

In the past, I had always felt depressed that I was not able to achieve
good outcomes with my truth clarification efforts. After I clarified
the truth to them, very few people decided to withdraw from the
Communist Party or its affiliated organizations. Once I heard the
legend, I realized that in order to split open the rock, there had to
be people ahead of the final person who had hit the rock a total of 999
times. It doesn't matter whether I am the person who hits the rock the
1000th time or not. As long as we have done everything that we should
do, even if we can't make people understand things, we shouldn't get

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