A Discussion of the Wicked Chinese Communist Party's In-Depth Brainwashing of the Chinese People from the Perspective of Drama

A Falun Dafa practitioner in Taiwan

PureInsight | April 9, 2006

[PureInsight.org] On a Sunday
afternoon, I was watching TV with my child. When I selected the drama
channel, it was playing a historical drama produced in Mainland China
called "Outspoken and Candid Ji Xiaolan" (translator's note: Ji Xiaolan
was a famous official during the Qing dynasty). I used to love watching
shows like that. But on that day unexpectedly I saw a very bad scene.
Obviously the wicked Chinese Communist Party was using it to brainwash
the Chinese people again. The program had a person was saying, "XXX was
very good in this and that aspect, if only he hadn't practiced that
gong." Every sensible person knows what it was referring to. Do you
remember the movie called Hero?
In the movie, the lead character, an assassin, decided not to kill the
tyrant Emperor Qing Shihuang for the sake of the stability of the
country. Before he handed over his power, the former Chinese dictator
Jiang ordered all key Communist Party officials and top generals from
the military to watch the movie together in the People's Hall.  In
many ways, the movie paid tribute to Emperor Qin Shihuang's tyranny. To
put it frankly, Jiang was trying to use the movie to say that his
successors should acknowledge and pay tribute to his own "achievement."

I also watched a show on TV produced in Mainland China about Cao Cao, a
king during the Three Kingdom Period, passing the throne to his son. In
the show Cao Cao told his son that the reason he had executed a lot of
innocent people was to form a contrast with his son's future benevolent
administration to people. Where on earth did such reasoning come from?
Another TV show about Empress Wu Zetian also ran in the same groove. It
said that her tyrannical acts were done out of consideration for her
successors so they would have opportunities to show mercy to the
people. The evil brainwashing theory, which is completely ridiculous
and shameful, shows up in Chinese TV drams again and again.

This is a gimmick of the evil Communist Party! Common folks are
imperceptibly led to the direction that those in power want them to go.
I remember the first president of Taiwan, Chiang Kai-Shek used to
enforce a "Three-No" policy when it came to dealing with the Chinese
Communist Party, "No contact. No negotiation. No giving in." In
hindsight, it demonstrates his insightful and correct view of the
Chinese Communist Party. Because the evil Chinese Communist Party's
propaganda war is so horrible that, if touched, any political party is
bound to be tainted by it. The evil Communist Party's theory is so evil
that any political party that negotiates with it is bound to get its
logic confused and think it has gained ground when in fact it has lost
a great deal.  

When they read about the evil Communist Party's history of killing (see
the Seventh Commentary of "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party"),
why do some Chinese people think, "There are so many people in Mainland
China. If some people weren't killed off, the country couldn't be
governed." In fact, it is exactly because some Chinese people have been
deeply brainwashed by the evil Communist Party that they hold such
chilling thoughts in their heads. Heaven treasures lives, how could a
government kill its own citizens?


The former Chinese dictator Jiang forbids lawyers to defend Falun Gong
practitioners in Mainland China. To put it frankly, it is because these
practitioners are not guilty to begin with. Everyone involved in it is
bound to suffer retribution. I sincerely ask the readers to be careful.
Throughout history, a dynasty can only last up to hundreds of years,
but righteous religions can last for thousands of years. Don't pick the
wrong side.

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