My Thoughts after Reading the "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party" - Sending Words to Hong Kong and Guangzhou (Preface)

YiHeng Zhang

PureInsight | April 16, 2006


[] Almost all
the people in Hong Kong, from the elderly down, know that that the
Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is bad. Even though the younger
generation of  people in Hong Kong did not experience the torture
and persecution at the hands of the CCP themselves, they had heard from
their father or grandfather about how violent, dictatorial, and cruel
the CCP was after taking over power in mainland China. Moreover, during
the last twenty years since the Chinese Cultural Revolution ended, it
is not difficult for people who go to the mainland to do business to
witness how bad the atmosphere of the entire Chinese society has
become. This is the result of the destruction of the traditional
Chinese culture's moral standards by the CCP. Unfortunately, after
seeing the surface improvements to the Chinese economy after the CCP
started its "reform and opening the door policy," many Hong Kong
people, including those who had personally been persecuted and tortured
by the CCP many years ago, are happy and think that the good economic
development in mainland China right now should be credited to the CCP.
They all want China to have a bright future under the control of the
CCP. However, they've ignored the fact that the good economic
development recently in mainland China is the result of the Chinese
people's wisdom and hard work. Some people probably still don't know
the evil nature of the CCP and still have the fantasy that the CCP is
improving itself.

"Kindhearted people cannot understand the CCP. Based on the universal
moral standards, they cannot imagine that such an evil entity would be
representing a country." (from Part 9 of the "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party")

After I read the "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party,"
I suddenly came to understand many things. I grew up in Hong Kong and I
was not poisoned by the CCP's party culture. Throughout the years, I've
only known about how the CCP damaged China. When I was little, I did
not know enough words to express my feelings. During my teenage years,
I did not have enough theoretical knowledge to understand the CCP.
During my prime years, I was frustrated and couldn't find a way out.
Finally, under the guide of the commentaries by the Epoch Times, I found the answers to all the questions I had in the past decades.


In part one of the "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party,"
it points out clearly: "It opposes nature, heaven, earth and mankind.
It is an evil specter against the universe."  It reminds the
Chinese people to "Examine Oneself and Get Rid of the CCP's
Possession". "In the name of a free nation, we can reestablish the
Chinese civilization based on respect for human nature and compassion
for all." In the part two of the "Nine Commentaries on the Communist
Part," it uses the nine inherited traits of "Chinese Characteristics"
to describe the completely evil nature of the CCP.

Now, let me write down my feelings as nine articles. I hope my articles
will make the readers understand the intricate ideas and unique
insights of the "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party"
from another angle and want to read the original articles for
themselves to further to understand the true nature of  the
CCP.  This will help the Chinese people return to the traditional
Chinese culture, which respects heaven and promotes virtue, and prevent
people from falling into the abyss of having no virtue. I especially
wish that everyone would talk to more Chinese people about the "Nine
Commentaries on the Communist Party" to save people and China.

"Looking at world affairs, we often ask who determines whether a state
will prosper or disappear, even though we know that the rise and fall
of a nation has its reasons. When the CCP is gone, we can expect that
peace and harmony will return to China. People will return to being
truthful, benevolent, humble, and tolerant, and the nation will again
care for the people's basic needs, and all professions will prosper."
(Excerpted from part 3 of the "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party")

What I am going to write is not a strict thesis. They are based on my
personal experience. The stories inside the articles are real. Since it
is not a strict thesis, it is possible that it contains my personal
understanding and one-side opinions. I honestly hope that our readers
can look at things from the last hundred years of history's point of
view and to think using even broader perspective.  

The "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party" excerpts used in my articles are from the Epoch Times website. Please use the following link if you would like to read the "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party" yourself:

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