Some Thoughts on "Diligence"

A Dafa Practitioner from Taiwan

PureInsight | June 11, 2006

[] Many fellow
practitioners, including myself, all have a similar opinion, that we
haven't been clarifying the truth well in the scenic spots of Taiwan.
We think that fellow practitioners in Taiwan should learn from Hong
Kong fellow practitioners' experience in clarifying the truth in scenic
spots there. Since some Taiwanese practitioners often emphasize
"conform with the ordinary society to the maximum extent," they have
been doing things according with ordinary people's requirements way too
much and can not identify evil interferences. Aiming at this problem,
some practitioners suggest that we should select those who are familiar
with Hong Kong and let them lead teams of local Taiwanese practitioners
to Hong Kong and learn from Hong Kong practitioners on how to clarify
the truth there first-hand.

 In my view, Hong Kong's successful experiences in clarifying the
truth are definitely worth learning from by our Taiwanese fellow
practitioners. But, as a matter of a fact, it has been quite a few
years since countless Taiwan practitioners first went to Hong Kong and
Manhattan to clarify the truth there. Why did these fellow
practitioners do well when going abroad, but can't function well in
their own local areas in Taiwan? Is it really true that experiences in
clarifying the truth abroad could help solve the problems that we have
with clarifying the truth in local scenic spots of Taiwan?

 I go abroad frequently and I often discuss this issue with fellow
practitioners who also often go abroad. We all hope that we could
clarify the truth better at the scenic spots of Taiwan, but we feel it
seems that we can do nothing about it and we are unable to do what we
hoped to do. At first, we ascribed this problem to those practitioners
who seemed to have many ordinary people's notions and we thought that
the few of us could not change most of other fellow practitioners'

One day, when listening to fellow practitioners reading the Fa, all of
a sudden I realized that I had my own problem. Why should I feel that
we are unable to fulfill what we hope to do? Why should I always want
to change others? Why should I want to impose my own understanding and
notions on other practitioners? Since I have started practicing, I have
had the feeling that I am above my fellow practitioners. I think I am
very experienced and that I can see through the evil's tricks and I can
clarify the truth pretty well. With these attachments to myself, I did
not really want to understand fellow practitioners benevolently when
communicating with them, but I did try to change them and wanted them
to take my suggestions. When I am not in accord with Truthfulness,
Compassion and Forbearance, fellow practitioners definitely will not
take my  suggestions.

Some fellow practitioners admire those practitioners who go abroad
frequently to clarify the truth and think it is the embodiment of being
diligent. I feel that way less and less based on my experience during
the past several years. More and more I feel ashamed that I have not
cultivated myself well. Master hopes we do Three Things well. Can it be
called diligent if I just do one thing? Moreover, if the other two
things are not done well, how can clarifying the truth be fulfilled
well? If, when we encounter trouble we do not find the reasons by
examining inward and are content with maintaining our xinxing
at the level of ordinary people, there is little mighty virtue we can
obtain even if we do tons of Dafa projects. We will understand the Fa
more deeply when we examine ourselves. But do we truly conduct in
accordance with our deeper understandings of the Fa? Master says,
"Examine each and every deed; Accomplishing is cultivating" ("Solid
Cultivation" in Hongyin).
If we didn't do it well this time, we should try best to accomplish it
well next time. It can be called true cultivation only when we get
improved better and better.

 Some fellow practitioners hope to improve their cultivation
states by going abroad to clarify the truth. They say that if they stay
at home, they would be slacking off and they would not be diligent.
When practitioners carry such a thought to clarify the truth and save
sentient beings, how can their xinxing
be pure and righteous? Won't their attachment to seeking improvement in
their cultivation be taken advantage of by the evil? When

 practitioners want to improve their cultivation, the evil will
make some arrangements to let them feel they have advanced in their
cultivation. When they desire something, the evils will make them
satisfied. If practitioners can not cultivate well at home, how can
they step forward in cultivation merely by going abroad to clarify the
truth? How can they improve their cultivation without upgrading their xinxing,
even if they do tremendous work in clarifying the truth and other good
deeds? When we are placed in severely evil circumstances, sometimes it
might feel that our attachments are gone. Is it because we let go of
all attachments in cultivation or is it because we are actually
frightened by the evil and, as a result, put aside our attachments
temporarily? When our environment turns relaxed, will our attachments
come up again? Actually, "home" is a good environment for one's
cultivation. Some fellow practitioners do well outside, but they turn
into ordinary people when they come back home. Therefore, they can not
develop a good cultivation environment at home. Their family members
and relatives do not support their cultivation and Dafa; some of them
even hold negative thoughts towards Dafa. As a matter of fact, whether
we cultivate well or not can exactly be reflected in our surroundings!

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