Young Practitioners' Experience Sharing Papers from the 2006 Toronto Conference

PureInsight | June 11, 2006


The Canada Young Practitioner Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference
was held in Toronto on the evening of May 27, 2006. It was hosted by
the Toronto Minghui School. Approximately 100 young practitioners and
parents attended the conference. Twelve young practitioners shared
their cultivation experience on stage. Eight of their articles have
been forwarded to us for posting. For a report on the Young
Practitioners' Conference, please see:

Annie's Experience Sharing

Annie from Toronto

My name is Annie I am a fourteen year old practitioner from Toronto,
Canada. I've been practicing Falun Dafa since I was first introduced to
it in 1999. My topic for today is about my recently opened Tian Mu
during Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts.

It all started on a typical day during dance practice. It was five to
noon and everyone sat down to Send Forth Righteous Thoughts. Everything
was peaceful and quiet when images popped into my head. It was the
image of a fellow practitioner that was sitting across from me. I
popped one eye open and looked at her in this dimension and realized
the image in my head was the reflective mirror of her.

Except, in my head she was surrounded by small dark grey clouds with
glowing red eyes and sharp yellow teeth. I believe that was the demonic
interference interfering with her thoughts. The demon used its teeth to
pierce a hole about the size of a nail in the practitioner's neck. As
soon as its teeth made contact with the flesh, the demon winced a bit,
but nevertheless, the hole was still created. After the hole was
formed, the demon blew what looked like a dark murky green gas into the
practitioner's neck. That made the practitioner fall asleep and she
looked like she was falling asleep at a rapid pace.

When her head started losing consciousness and started bobbing up and
down, it was the demon pushing her head down. When her hand started
shaking from tiredness, it was the demon with a string tied to her
hand, tugging her arm. When her body swayed, it was the demon pulling
and pushing her. By this time, the practitioner looked like she was
very tired and very ill. I decided to help her and added another train
of thought. When I thought about eliminating the demon, a white beam of
light shot out from what felt like my forehead. It charged at the dark
clouded demon. As soon as it made contact, the demon shattered into a
million pieces and was eliminated.

As soon as the demonic interference was gone, the practitioner's
surroundings cleared and she looked light and healthy. She regained her
posture and continued to Send Forth Righteous Thoughts.

I believe the reason that Master opened my Tian Mu at this particular
time was to show me the importance of Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts.
Before this event, I thought this was very casual, and it wouldn't
really do much in my cultivation. I used to use this period of time to
think about other ordinary people's things and useless information. Now
I see that it is very important and if one doesn't take this seriously,
the Old Forces will take advantage of her. This event benefited me a
lot and it has made me a better practitioner.

Benjamin's Experience Sharing

Lately I am starting to read Zhuan Falun
more. Falun Dafa has improved me a lot in school. For instance, I
listen to others more and I have gotten more patient with my friends.
Before, when they made me angry I would start to fight them but, now, I
can be patient with my friends and I will think that they are just
upgrading my xinxing and thank them from the bottom of my heart.

In addition, when I read Zhuan Falun, I feel very calm and happy. I hope in the future I will be able to read more of Zhuan Falun than now and I will read it in Chinese because I finished reading the pin yin version.

My most wonderful experience was when I taught Korean people how to do
the exercises and the meditation that Master taught us. It was a very
good moment because, while I was teaching them how to do exercises and
meditation, I had a chance to explain what Falun Dafa is and why it is
being persecuted in China. While explaining, my mom and I talked about
the main book in Falun Gong: Zhuan Falun.
When they were about to leave to go back home, my mom and I gave them
the "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party" and we offered to lend
them our Zhuan Falun
to read. Then we will check on them to see if they have finished
reading or not. We also tell Korean people about Falun Dafa, and we
give them fliers and the Nine Commentaries when we meet them.

I also notice that when I read Zhuan Falun, I can feel that my xinxing is being upgraded and I will relax even though I am in a hurry. Sometimes when I am reading Zhuan Falun, I can see new things in it and I feel like my attachment is disappearing little by little. When I am tired or sleepy I read Zhuan Falun and I do not feel tired anymore. In addition, I Send Forth Righteous Thoughts at least two times a day or more.

Chao Chen's Experience Sharing

Today, I would like to share few things I have come to understand recently.

Relationships among disciples

In the past, I experienced some tight situations with many people,
including some practitioners. Now when I look back, I believe the major
cause is that I didn't see them as they should be: practitioners or
sentient beings waiting for salvation. I regarded them more as friends
and I had little tolerance toward them when I saw something wrong.

More reasons to be tolerant

When I looked further back in history, I felt much more tolerant and
comprehensive than in the past. Due to the Old Forces' interference,
beings who came to the human world were often forced to act wrongly. So
they should not be blamed too much. I believe also that is why Master
gives so many chances to all beings.

Building a constructive environment

In the past, I wanted to contribute to a better cultivation
environment. The results were not quite good and even depressing
sometimes. Recently, during a soccer game, I applied Master's teachings
about working as a team and it worked out great. On the surface, my
team was seemingly weak. But I pushed away that thought and I said to
myself: I should believe in my teammates. As I can not run for long
distances, I just stayed in my field and played my best as defender. I
saw many times that my teammates had missed many good opportunities,
but I still repeated to myself that I believe in them and they can do
well. It turned out great this time. My team won the game by 5 to 3.
Also, I didn't feel competitive.

Clarifying the truth in school

Since the beginning of persecution, I always tried to clarify the truth
to people around me, especially people in school. This is because I
clarify better in lengthy conversations. I have been even more
motivated since the "Nine Commentaries" came out. There are a lot of
Chinese born in mainland China in my school. Through truth
clarification, more than 20 people resigned their CCP-related
membership. Many teachers, school direction members and nearly all
schoolmates I know signed petitions for Dafa. Two people even started
to practice. I will try harder to break through my shyness and save
more people.

Jacqueline's Experience Sharing
Jacqueline from Toronto

My name is Jacqueline and I am a 12-year-old practitioner from Toronto.
I have been practicing Falun Dafa since 1998. Lately, I have learned
and gone through some tough tribulations.

This year Toronto started a band. In the beginning I couldn't read
notes and I seriously doubted that I could play any instrument. Along
the way I had many people helping me, but after everything was taught,
it was up to me to practice. During the May 13th when performance, I might have been complaining, but I was proud of myself after it was over.

At school, I tried to clarify the truth to friends that don't know much
about Falun Dafa. Some paid attention at times, but others just walked
away. In school it's not really difficult to not get influenced by all
the inappropriate language flying through the hallways.

This year I am not too happy with myself because of how my cultivation
is going. I have not been reading the Fa and doing the exercises as
much as I should be. I have been putting homework and school in front
of Dafa and I realize that it is bad. Being in a Catholic school is
hard for me at times. I feel that I am different and that I do not
belong because all of my friends are Catholic and go to church every
Sunday. I think I should be going to a public school.

Since practicing I have been improving myself as a person. At school
people do not swear at me because I have their respect and they know
that I dislike such language. I will change by trying to clarify the
truth more, to friends and by handing out flyers or telling people
about upcoming Dafa events. I will put Fa before homework and school. I
will listen to my parents more and try not to talk back as much as I
already do. Also I will continue to tell friends at school that
swearing and fighting is not okay.

Jason's Experience

My name is Jason and I am a thirteen year old practitioner from Toronto Canada. I've practiced Falun Dafa since the year 2000.

I will be talking about my experiences in personal cultivation, in the
Toronto Minghui Band, and in truth clarification. My personal
cultivation has been chaotic., I find myself always looking for ways to
escape practicing and reading the Fa. I search for excuses like, "I
have homework" or "My friends want me to play basketball." I also tried
to push my practicing and reading to late at night I would try to make
myself sound busy so I didn't have to practice right away. This was
last year though, now I practice in the morning and read in the evening
every day. If something comes up, I just practice or read later. Just a
year ago, I would've used this as an excuse:  "Oh, William wants
me to come outside so I guess I can't practice now." As I said, that
was the old me. People can change and this year is the year I'm going
to change and prove that I am a true Falun Dafa disciple.

I do truth clarification in a lot of ways. For instance, I clarify the
truth online, through English assignments for school and orally.
Recently, I tried clarifying the truth to one of my friends and my core
teacher. My friend comes to table tennis with me every Tuesday and I
thought that he should know the truth about what the Chinese Communist
Party was doing to Falun Gong practitioners. Maybe I was a little too
sudden because I only knew him for about a week and I started with: do
you know about Falun Gong? He didn't come to table tennis after that
Tuesday, so I was very upset that I didn't do a good job of truth
clarifying. A few days after that, my core teacher gave us an English
assignment. We were supposed to keep a diary for a week and write down
our thoughts. I was just thinking of truth clarifying to him and this
was the perfect opportunity. I wrote about Falun Gong and how innocent
practitioners were brutally murdered for their organs.

Now I am a thriving practitioner. I practice every day, joined the
Divine Land Marching Band and clarify the truth to my school. I would
like to thank Master for this.

William's Experience Sharing

My name is William and I started to practice Falun Dafa when I was 4.
First I just tried to do the exercises and I also listen to my parent
read Zhuan Falun. Now I exercise and read every Saturday and Sunday.

Last year I went through a lot of different things, in school and out
of school. The things that happened are not very big of a deal. But
sometimes I don't even notice when something bad is happening. For
example I get into a fight without noticing I'm in one. This rarely
happens. Most of the time I try to stop and forget about it. Sometimes
that doesn't happen and I start to fight. I need to improve on this so
I can raise my xinxing and gong. In order to achieve this goal I think I have to read Zhuan Falun
more often, by myself or with my family and friends. The things that
happen out of school are usually more serious and more often I don't
overcome them and I really need to improve.

This year I have improved on a lot of the things I wanted to last year.
Now I still get into fights at school or outside but, if I do, I'm
conscious of it and I stop and apologize and that's all that happens.
When I'm outside, of course, there are still a lot of troubles for
chances to raise my xinxing. I think I over come most of them. I still read Zhuan Falun and do the exercises every Saturday and Sunday but I'm planning to read every night before I sleep so I can increase my gong.

A few years ago a new kid came to my school. I talked to him and then
he asked me if I knew about Falun Dafa I told him, "Yes I do. Why?" He
told me how he didn't like Falun Dafa. I tried my best to convince him
that he is being lied to and that Falun Dafa is a good exercise for
people of all ages. He wouldn't listen to me. I asked him what he
thought if good people get killed because of what they believe in. He
gave no answer.

I gave a copy of Zhuan Falun
to my teacher at the end of a school year, and my teacher told me this
book is really good. After this comment I gave books to my teachers at
the end of a school year and I think they enjoyed it. I hand out flyers
to many people in different places and some stop to ask me questions
about Falun Dafa and the persecution in China. I explain to them about
the persecution and they're really surprised with what I tell them but
it's all true. Sometimes I don't talk very loudly and that's not very
good but I'll try to over come that.

My goals are to try to improve on talking to people and trying to help. I also need to do the exercises more often.

Jeff's Experience Sharing
Jeff from Toronto

My name is Jeff, and I am a 15-year-old Torontonian practitioner.
Today, I will be speaking briefly about my experiences in the Tian Yin
Guan Xuan Yue Dui, or the Celestial Orchestra.

I first heard about the orchestra just before a few of us from the
Toronto Minghui School were planning to go there to learn instruments
in preparation for the marching band that was created a few months ago.
My mother told me about it a few days before we were supposed to depart
and asked me if I wanted to join. I have been a violinist for about
seven years now and I found that I really enjoyed playing, whether it
be in a group or just practicing by myself. Naturally, the idea of
joining a Dafa orchestra appealed to me immensely. However, an
orchestra takes time and effort. I knew that from my past experiences
with orchestras and ensembles both at school and outside it. I thought
that I would not have enough time to go practice every weekend. I had
summatives coming up, each worth 30% of a year's marks. I also knew I
was going to be rather swamped with work during the following few
weeks, so I simply told her that I would consider it.

A few weeks after our band rehearsal, my mother brought up the
orchestra idea again. She had talked to the people in charge and they
said they would like me to come and audition for them. I voiced my
opinions about being overworked with my mother and she encouraged me to
go, saying it will all work out. "Besides," she said half-jokingly,
"They might not accept you anyway." Finally, I decided to just go and
see what happened.

Since it was a long weekend (we had the Friday off), I left with a
group of dancers from the Lian Hua Arts Troupe Friday morning. A few
problems arose during the day, including not having a quiet place to
practice the music, finding out that the orchestra actually started at
8 p.m., and various other small things that cropped up. But 8 o'clock
rolled around soon enough, and I made my way to where the orchestra
held its rehearsals.

Stepping into the room, I was rather amazed by the uniqueness of the
orchestra. They had a seating arrangement I had never seen before, and
there was an abundance of violas, French horns, and cellos, some of the
hardest instruments to find for a group such as this. Truly, Dafa
disciples doing Dafa work are completely different from ordinary people.

We sat down. The conductor stepped up to his stand and we began to
play. It was like nothing I had experienced before. The music had a
special feel to it; it resonated through the room. The notes blended
perfectly. Strangely enough, even though I hadn't been given some of
the newer pieces they were trying out, I still managed to play
perfectly. There was one instance where I glanced at the page, saw a
complicated chord, and said to myself: There is no way I can play that.
It was simply impossible for one to react that fast. Yet, somehow, my
fingers found the notes. It was an amazing experience. I decided that I
would join the orchestra, even if I could only go once every few weeks.

Since then, I practice intensively every other week or so. We usually
rehearse for over 3 hours at a time with only one break, yet no one
ever feels tired. Last week, we actually practiced for over 8 hours in
a day, stopping only four times for breaks and lunch. By the end, each
and every one of us was still energetic and ready for more.

My experiences with the Celestial Orchestra have truly been special,
unique, and exhilarating times. I encourage each and every one of you
to develop your musical talents and contribute to Dafa work. It's a
great thing to be able to play an instrument, and even greater to be
able to help Dafa with your abilities.

Miranda's Experience Sharing
Miranda, Toronto

My name is Miranda, and I am currently in the eighth grade and live in Toronto, Canada.

The first thing that I would like to share is about clarifying the
truth to my friends and teachers at school. The first time before I
clarified the truth to my friends and teachers, I was worried what they
would think and had this very big attachment. After I let go of this
attachment, I was able to clarify the truth very well. After I
clarified the truth I felt much better and more joyful. After the first
truth clarification, it was much easier afterwards. One of my teachers
even said herself that she had read the book Zhuan Falun
before. I soon started to talk to my teachers about NTDTV's New Year
Global Gala, and other such events such as the Rescue the Falun Gong
Orphans Concert. Many of my teachers bought tickets to support the
cause. One time when I was just about to clarify the truth to one of my
teachers, for some reason I felt very nervous and anxious at the same
time. I then clamed myself down, and began to speak, the words came
very naturally and my teacher was very supportive. I felt much better
afterwards. After clarifying the truth to my friends and teachers they
were all aware of important facts, situations and events, such as the
CCP's nature and its history, Falun Dafa, the persecution, the orphans
as a result, the organ harvesting, and so on. One time, one of my
friends went to Ottawa for the weekend. When she came back, she had
told me that she had seen Falun Dafa practitioners at the Peace Tower
protesting very peacefully. This made me feel very happy.

The other subject that I would like to talk about is my recent
involvement with dance. Recently, I started practicing dance with the
Lotus Arts Group, because I felt that I had not been very involved in
the past with many Dafa activities, especially considering the fact
that my father is not a Falun Dafa practitioner. (I have also clarified
the truth to him) Lately I have participated in many more activities
than I used to and find that my mind is more righteous. Since I started
participating in dance, I have had much more interference. For
instance, during the Gala time period, I broke my arm at my father's
house and now it affects my dance practice. Oftentimes, I cannot use it
for too long or it will start hurting. Other interference that I have
experienced includes suddenly feeling sleepy, tired or exhausted or my
head may even start hurting or my throat will start hurting and then I
will start coughing, when I am about to dance. When I send forth
righteous thoughts, though, I feel much better. When studying the Fa
some of these interferences will also appear. The main one is that I
will feel terribly sleepy. One attachment that I still have and am
still trying to get rid of is the attachment of laziness towards
reading the Fa and doing the exercises. A very big interference that
occurs when I just open the book Zhuan Falun
is that there is music orsome noisy disturbance that occurs either from
outside or from the tenants above. I have learned that, as young Dafa
disciples, we should study the Fa diligently everyday and not slack off.

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