Nana's Family of Immortal Beings (II): Things In Heaven Can Only Purchased with Virtue

Yang Ning

PureInsight | June 11, 2006

[] In my dream,
I was sitting on top of this very comfortable, soft, shiny and silky
thing. When I look closer, I realized I was atop an all-white unicorn.
It had a pair of beautiful, expansive wings and a brilliant,
multi-colored horn resembling the colors of a Falun. The unicorn also
carried a book with a record of where it would take me today and how
much Virtue I had accumulated.

It told me that if I wished to buy something in heaven, there would be
a price, and so it showed me something like a price list. I glanced
through it and realized that things in heaven could only be exchanged
for Virtue. For example, attending school costs 1500 units of Virtue;
buying books, drinking beverages, going to amusement parks and so on
all could be exchanged with Virtue. The unicorn told me each trip to
heaven would take at least 500 units of Virtue.

I was riding on the unicorn and it showed me everywhere around heaven.
Our last stop was near a school. I ran to the school to play with the
students there. The students all took different types of transportation
to school, some came by car, some came by magic carpet and some by
skipping and flying.  The people in the front were riding a crane,
a dragon and a phoenix. One very naughty, chubby boy was speeding in
his car and was continually being asked by a police officer to slow
down. Another naughty boy, riding his magic carpet, kept jumping off of
it for fun and the magic carpet acted like something from a cartoon. It
kept maneuvering to swoop him up. The little boy would not stop diving
off the magic carpet, keeping it continually busy.   

There were many classes at school, including ones for adults,
teenagers, children and toddlers. Each class had a teacher. Master was
the teacher for each class. The toddler's class had the youngest
students, some who still wore diapers and their teacher was also

I looked like a 6- or 7-year-old child in heaven - the same age as those
naughty kids. We all played together. During the lunch break, there
were many heavenly beauties. They wore big butterfly pins in their
hair. Their sleeves were as beautiful as a pair of big butterfly wings.
I tried to explain to my Mom afterwards, but she didn't understand what
I meant until she finally saw heavenly beauties from the NTDTV New Year
Gala. I told my Mom that was exactly what they wore and she finally
understood what the heavenly beauties looked like. The heavenly
beauties took us to a swimming pool near the school to have a meal. I
discovered that everything that we had was all made from vegetables,
including seaweed goodies, peaches of immortality, veggie burger,
French fries and a product resembling meat but actually made out of
mushrooms, all things little children enjoy eating. When we were having
our meals sitting on what appeared to be stools made of rock, I felt my
stool suddenly started moving beneath me. When I looked again, I
realized we were actually sitting on top of turtles.

After I woke up, I told my mom the food in heaven was very delicious.
She asked me to bring her there to have a taste. One time in the human
world, we passed a bakery and saw the type of peach of immortality
found in heaven. I told my mom, "This is it! This is it!" Normally, the
bakery does not make this desert. When we asked the owner, she told us
she made it especially today for the Buddha Worship day.

Afterwards, the unicorn showed me a magnificent mansion, and told me
this was our house in heaven. Our home had huge European style front
and back yards. They were beautiful. I saw my room was arranged with
the furniture I've always dreamed of having, a matching bunk bed and
desk bedroom set in my room. My room in the mansion had the exactly
same furniture that I had always dreamed about. Then I went to see the
master bedroom. It was my mom's room. The room's furnishing was
elegant, expensive, and beautiful. When I passed the dinning room, I
saw my little brother who once had appeared in my dream (in real life
my mom had aborted him more than ten years ago). He seemed to be
waiting for someone to come home because there were three settings at
the table.

After I woke up, I ran to my mom's room to look around. Besides telling
her about dream, I told my mom, "Mom, the bed is the only thing in your
room that looks similar to the room I saw in heaven, nothing else
does". My mom said "the bed is the only thing that is worth something
in this room, it's imported".

A few months went by and I quite missed the unicorn. My mom thought I
didn't have enough Virtue for it to come back. One day I went to bed
early because I was ill and had a fever, I vaguely saw the unicorn
visiting me. It touched my head with his hoof and fed me a lollipop.
The next day, I was completely recovered.

June 5, 2004 was my birthday. Mom and I have our birthdays in the same
month. Normally, we celebrate together. But my mom left for the US, so
I went to bed really early with a bit of disappointment. In my dream,
someone knocked on my door. When I opened it, a delivery guy was there.
I took the box and opened it. It was a cake. I knew it was given by
Master. Thank you, Master.

A year has flown by since my mom came back from the US in August. It
has been a long time since I've returned to my home in heaven. Just
when I had that thought, to my surprise, the unicorn came back to pick
me up. It touched me gently with his hoof and asked me climb aboard. In
a split second, I was back in my home in heaven. Wow, this time it
looked even more magnificent. Still the same glamorous Chinese-style
dinning room and my little brother sitting at the dining table with his
head in his hands waiting for someone. Strangely, there was now another
room in my mom's bedroom with Japanese style sliding door. In the back
yard, there was now a small log cabin with a bunch of little chairs and
tables in it as well as a bunch of little beds.

This narrative was dictated by Na Na and recorded by her Mom and fellow practitioners.

(To be Cont'd)

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