Thoughts on Writing Experience Sharing Articles

A Dafa Disciple from Taiwan

PureInsight | June 11, 2006

[] Sometimes
when I was about to pick up a pen and write my experiences in
cultivation I heard a voice telling me, "Don't write any more, you are
losing your privacy. All you write about are your strong points. Are
you showing off how great you are? Many practitioners are so much
better than you and you are just showing off in front of them. You
write so much. Won't others get tired of your endless talking?"

I am not sure where these thoughts came from, but I do know that they
don't come from my original self. In this dye vat we live in after
birth, we have learned to protect ourselves and become attached to the
fear that others will know about us, laugh at us, disagree with us, and
are very concerned about how others see us. However, these various
postnatal notions and thoughts formed are all big mountains that block
us from moving forward. Only when we get rid of them bit by bit, can
our xinxing be gradually raised.

Last year, I had this dream: a big mountain next to me was about to be
wiped away. Since then, each time I finish an experience-sharing
article, I feel my realm has been raised a little. This feeling is
wonderful beyond words. Practitioners who often write experience
sharing articles all have a similar realization: the process of writing
articles is one of purifying one's thoughts. Although there is always a
voice in my heart telling me not to write any more, by looking inward I
find that writing experience sharing articles is part of my
cultivation. Just as I have become better and better in clarifying the
truth over the phone, writing experience sharing articles have become a
part of my life at present. If I don't do it, I would feel like I
haven't eaten and drunk.  

I have been wondering all the time what this voice, which tells me "not
to write any more" is. I think it must be the "me" that was formed by
my postnatal notions, and this "me" made up of notions is having a
seesaw battle with my true self. It does not want me to let go of my
notions and remove it. Whenever I write smoothly, it will come to
interfere with me and make me want to use the restroom. It wants to
stop me from eliminating it. But now I have already caught it and it
has nowhere to escape. I will separate myself from it, because the "me"
formed by my notions is not my true self. I will continue to write down
my experiences and share them with fellow practitioners because my pen
is a divine weapon Dafa has given to me to stop the evil. "Sharp pens
write brilliant articles/ Words powerful, sentences profound/the body
of science is full of holes/ The evil party is stripped of clothing"
(unofficial translation of "Reading Students' Articles" in Hong Yin (II)). 
I feel that each time my article is published on Dafa's websites, that
article will already has the Fa's power and will be able to suffocate
the evil and disintegrate the substance of attachment in other

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