How I Started to Memorize the Fa

A Dafa Practitioner from North America

PureInsight | August 13, 2006

[] Whenever I
read fellow practitioners' experiences on how they have memorized the
Fa on Clearwisdom, I feel deeply touched. I did try a few times to
memorize the Fa. But due to my attachment to fear of difficulty, I gave
up after a while each time. Looking back, I realized that my sense of
fear that affected me negatively in the past is just a human notion. I
was afraid I wouldn't be able to memorize such a thick book as Zhuan Falun
and afraid that memorizing the book would interfere with my completing
other projects of Fa- clarification. I was worried that when I tried to
memorize the later lectures, I would forget about the previous
lectures. In addition, I had always been afraid of memorizing things
since I was young.

Several months ago, while reading fellow practitioners' sharing
experience on memorizing the Fa again, the grandeur of assimilating
one's life completely into the Fa encouraged me to make a steadfast
decision that I should memorize Zhuan Falun.

This time, I first changed my previous method of memorizing books. In
the past, I was used to memorize the content by reading it aloud. The
habit was formed when I had to memorize things to prepare for tests in
elementary school. In the past, when I tried to memorize anything, I
just tried to memorize the words on the surface instead of
understanding their actual meanings. But once the habit was formed, it
became difficult to overcome. When I tried to memorize Zhuan Falun,
I tried to memorize every sentence and every passage based on
understanding them with my clear mind. In the gradual process of
memorizing the Fa, I feel I have gained more and more enlightenment.

Several days ago, I was trying to memorize the following paragraph from Zhuan Falun,  "It is quite reasonable that the Tao School regards the human
body as a small universe. It does not mean that its composition and
structure are similar to those of the universe, and neither does it
refer to the existing form of the body in our physical dimension. We
ask, 'According to the understanding of modern science, what, at a more
microscopic level, is the state of the physical body that is made of
cells?' There are different molecular compositions. Smaller than
molecules are atoms, protons, nuclei, electrons, and quarks. The most
microscopic particles now studied are neutrinos. Then, what is the most
microscopic particle? It is indeed too difficult to study."

In the
past, I had read this passage many times. But when I began to memorize
it, all of a sudden I felt that I could jump out of the restrictions of
my usual way of considering things. I used to put things within a
two-dimensional frame to consider. Now my feeling is as if I have
completely changed my human notions from the root of my life. I can
sense the grandeur and joy of being assimilated to the Fa when I am
memorizing the Fa.

Previously when looking into problems, I was often deluded by the
surface appearance of the problems which I saw with my physical human
eyes. For example, several fellow practitioners and I are all working
at our local Service Center for Quitting CCP and clarifying the truth
to people in Mainland China. However, either when local practitioners
gather to study the Fa in a big group or when we share experience with
some coordinators, fellow practitioners seldom talk about our project.
This used to make me feel angry. I thought that my project was very
important. How could fellow practitioners not pay attention to it?
Through memorizing the Fa and assimilating myself to the Fa, I
understood that I have problems.  When I look into issues based on
my human notions, I am limited by my attachments and I am barely aware
that fellow practitioners are also employing different ways to spread
the Nine Commentaries widely and tell people about the truth in order
to quit the CCP. Fellow practitioners are working for the media or the
newspaper or clarifying the truth to governments. They are all doing
all kinds of projects to clarify the truth during this Fa-clarification

Now I really like memorizing the Fa and I have gained more and more
enlightenment and understandings. I have a deep feeling of the grandeur
and beauty of the part of my life which has been assimilated completely
to the Fa.

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