Visiting Radio Stations to Clarify the Truth

Disciples from Taiwan

PureInsight | October 5, 2006


1.    Removing the thought karma and the attachment of putting up guard against others

Recently a relative passed away. I spent all my time accompanying my
family to handle the funeral arrangements. Even though I knew why I
needed to do it and I did not get attached to it, it still affected me.
I had headache for several days after I came back. I felt bad and I did
not even want to do any Dafa projects. Everyday I just studied the Fa,
sent righteous thoughts, turned on computer to run automatic truth
clarifying tools. I didn't do any other Dafa work.  I kept looking
at the part where I hadn't cultivated well. I was not only worried, but
also ashamed.  

In addition, I was responsible for clarifying the truth to the media in
my region. Therefore, visiting local radio stations and clarifying the
truth about the organ harvesting that the Chinese communist regime has
been doing to Falun Gong practitioners in Mainland China was my
responsibility. Who will do it if I do not? I felt that I was very
irresponsible. I really hoped that other practitioners could help me.
But when I looked at our practitioners, they were so busy. So I tried
to force myself to do it. But I still could not do it. For several days
I could not lift my hand to make calls and set up appointments with the
radio stations. My headache became even worse when I thought about the
truth clarification work that I was not doing.


One day, during a conference call, one practitioner suddenly asked me
the status of visiting the radio stations. She even asked me if I
needed help. When I heard that, I felt pretty bad. I felt a tremendous
amount of pressure. Many bad thought came to my mind. I thought to
myself, "Why did she ask me if I need help or not?  Clarifying the
truth is not only my job. It is strange that she had not asked me about
it before and only asked me when we are holding a conference call for
another project." I felt bad so I did not answer her. After all these
thought karma came out, I realized that all these were caused by my
attachments to selfishness, fear, concerning about saving face,
dependency on others and wanting to have a comfortable life. With all
these attachments, I behaved like a regular person. But now I could see
it clearly. That was not the true me. That was the karma thought.

When I thought about this, my mind became clear. I felt that a major
bad physical substance was removed fro me. After the conference call, I
contacted the practitioner with a peaceful and grateful mind. I thanked
her and explained to her my current state. I asked for her help. After
that, that practitioner contacted several radio stations by herself. I
visited the radio stations with her to clarify the truth. The results
were pretty good. Now I know that it is Master who asked the
practitioner to help me when I could not overcome the difficulty.
Master wanted me to see my shortcoming so that I could improve myself.
I want to thank the fellow practitioner for her unselfish help. She did
not look at my shortcoming and just stepped in to help where I wasn't
doing well.

2.    Clarifying the Truth Without any Human Notions

The first day we went to visit a radio station, I was amazed by the way
the fellow practitioner had clarified the truth. She talked to the
people from the station slowly and peacefully without trying to push
the truth to the people so that the other people did not feel any
pressure. I was not good at that. I believed that our Master wanted me
to learn that. We did not see the station manager that we were supposed
to meet. Instead, we talk to a lady who listened to us very carefully.
She agreed with what we had said and promised us to pass the
information to her manager. She was very curious and asked us about
Falun Gong.  The other practitioner happened to have one Falun
Dafa flyer in her bag. So she gave it to her. Looking at the lady's
eager facial expression when she listened to the truth, I realized that
certain people are not only waiting for us to save them as well as
their sentient beings, they are also people who might be arranged by
our Master to obtain Dafa. Soon after we left, the station manger who
was supposed to meet with us called the other practitioner and
apologized to her for missing our appointment. I think that every human
has a side that knows the truth. Our job is to do what we can do to
make them see it.

After we visited the first radio station, my cultivation state began to
recover.  I overcame the obstacle from my heart and tried to
contact the second radio station myself. The person whom I contacted at
the radio station was not nice in the beginning. He said that he was
very busy and I had to tell him what I wanted from him quickly. After I
told him why I wanted to talk to him, he kept saying that their radio
station was a commercial business and they could not help us. I did my
best to control my human thoughts and try to repel thoughts like "he is
someone who cares too much about the physical reality and personal
gains, and I do not want to clarify truth to him anymore." I tried to
eliminate the interference and patiently explained to him that I did
not want him to do anything and I just wanted to provide him with
enough information so that the people from media know more about it. He
said that some practitioners had already contacted him before and he
had already known about this. He refused to meet with me. The only
thing he would agree to was to have me mail him some truth
clarification material.


After I put down the phone, the old attachments of fearing and loving
comfort came back. I felt that my clarifying truth was not good as
before because of my current state. So I shared my experience with the
fellow practitioner who had visited the first radio station with
me.  She said that we should just go to visit the radio station in
person since it is close by and maybe that person would agree to meet
with us once we arrived. Her words inspired my righteous thoughts. We
went to the radio station without an appointment and ended up meeting
with the manager in charge of the radio station. Because we did not
have an appointment, we could tell that he agreed to meet with us with
a great deal of reluctance. During our meeting, he kept talking and
talking, and we could only add a few words of truth clarification in
between. He told us that he had just traveled to Mainland China to
share experiences with radio station personnel there He said he knew
what is going on Mainland China and didn't seem to be willing to listen
to the truth. He said that he no longer has any desire to perform
public service. He showed his dissatisfaction with the current society
and said that the XX party would change naturally along with the rest
of the world. He even said many things that were out of the line.


In my mind I knew that he said what he did while under the control of
the evil forces and it was not his main consciousness that was
speaking. I patiently listened to what he said and tried to insert some
truth clarification in between. I told him that CCP is not China. I
told him the truth about the economy in China. I also told him about
people withdrawing from the CCP and how the Nine Commentaries speaks of
the real truth in China. But he seemed that he was paying very little
attention. It looked like that our truth clarification wasn't achieving
the desired effect.

Later on a miracle happened. I did not remember what I was saying when
his eyes became bright. He sat straight up and said with surprise,
"What?! You said that the organs were from Falun Gong practitioners.
Are you sure? So they didn't come from death-penalty criminals?" I was
also surprised: "Yes! We had been saying that since beginning." By that
time, we had talked to him for more than half hour. What we said
earlier didn't seem to register until then. From then on, he listened
to the truth very carefully. He truly treated us as friends. He asked
us to save more truth clarification documents into his computer. He
even accompanied us to the elevator when we left.

That whole process made me do a lot of thinking. I realized that
clarifying the truth not only requires patience, it also requires us
not be affected or blocked by what people say or people's
attitude.  We should not judge people or even have some human
thought based on their attitudes. Even though he did not promise
anything, I knew that we inspired his kindness. He was saved.

Later on, our truth clarification efforts to the other stations also
went well. They not only listened to the truth about organ harvesting,
they also listened to the truth about the Nine Commentaries and
withdrawing from the CCP. We also told them that China would have a big
change. I had clarified the truth with a manager at a radio station
twice in the past, and the result hadn't been good. She had even said a
few complaining words. When we clarified truth to her this time, she
listened. After she learned the truth about the Nine Commentaries and
withdrawing from the CCP, she said, "What you said today is very
reasonable. I think that we can broadcast it in our programs."

I knew that our Master arranged every step for us. I felt that our
Master gave me opportunities to make up for things that I hadn't done
well in the past. My understanding is that Master has already arranged
our path and we can do well if we always maintain pure hearts. Once
again I want to thank our Master for giving us the opportunities to
become mature in our cultivation.

3.    Put Down My Self-Centeredness, Trust Fellow Practitioners and Become One Body

This round of truth clarification visits let me witness many miracles
of Dafa. It also let me see my shortcomings. It was all due to the
power of Dafa and our Master's arrangements. When I look back, I
remember that some practitioners and I had clarified the truth to some
high level officials before. At that time, sometimes I worried about
the way that the other practitioners were clarifying the truth. I
worried that what they were saying was too radical. After we clarified
the truth, fellow practitioners were also not satisfied with what I had
said either. They said that what I had said was too weak and not strong
enough to get the point across. Even though there was no obvious
conflict between us, we had different opinions. We did not form one

This time I eliminated my negative thoughts and trusted my fellow
practitioner. During the truth clarification, I completely agreed with
what the practitioners was saying. I understood that every practitioner
is different. When we met with people who did not want to hear the
truth, I sent righteous thoughts. In the end, I felt that our Master's
arrangement was the best. When we clarified the truth, we complemented
each other. I did not even think about whether there were things that
the other practitioner was saying were not good enough. I felt that the
whole energy field was righteous. The truth clarification went really

I have been cultivating for four years. It is difficult for me to say
whether I've done well or not. But I know that I wouldn't been able to
do what I've done without compassion and protection from our Master and
help from practitioners. At the final stage of the cultivation, I
deeply felt that whether individual practitioners do well or not is not
the most important thing. The most important thing is whether Dafa
disciples can form one body; whether we can eliminate all human
thoughts and human notions. Especially important is whether we can put
down our judgments on other practitioners; get rid of the gap between
practitioners, eliminate the attachment of guarding against others,
truthfully trust each other, help each other, and become one body to
improve together. I think that it is the expectation from our master.
Maybe it is the key factor that will decide if we can complete our


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