Eastern Charms Transforms New Yorkers on Broadway

Dai Huiyu

PureInsight | December 24, 2006

[PureInsight.org] Coldness is
the usual New Yorkers' look. However, as Christmas approaches, this
coldness has melted silently. As the joyful displays of the New Tang
Dynasty TV (NTDTV)'s New Year Spectacular warm up the cold winter of
New York, they also rekindle New Yorkers' hearts.

As Christmas approaches, staff members of NTDTV dressed in fairy
costumes from the Tang dynasty appear among numerous New Yorkers on the
streets of New York. These fairy-costumed ladies show New Yorkers
splendid Eastern charm, along with the CD players they brought with
them. The dazzling dress, accessories, and the exquisite dancing
attract the attention of New Yorkers' cold and detached eyes.

According to Ms. Shi from Washington DC, no word can better describe
the expressions of those who stopped to watch with admiration than




Ms. Shi believes that enhancing the traditional Chinese culture is the
responsibility of every Chinese. The NTDTV New Year Spectacular
promotes the traditional Chinese culture that was supposedly passed
down by the gods. It expresses the messages of kindness and sublime
morality. Letting the westerners see the well-rounded quality of the
program is an excellent way to spread Chinese culture. That is why she
carries with her a CD player to let westerners view the essence of the
wonderful program and truly understand the gloriousness of Chinese

She said that once she was waiting at the train station near Radio City
along with many westerners. She took out her CD player and showed the
NTDTV New Year Global Gala to people waiting for the train to arrive.
Everyone, whether they were white collar or blue collar workers, all
had astonished expression on their faces. They all said that they had
never seen such an outstanding program.

Ms. Shi said the messages of goodness would awaken the goodness in
people's hearts. She gave an example. She once encountered an elderly
woman with her daughter and two grandsons at the train station. The
elderly woman said to her coldly: "Don't bother us. We are not
interested in your program." But the children surrounded the CD player
to watch the program. When they saw the beautiful women dressed in the
ancient Chinese costume, they cheered: "They are so pretty!" Their
mother then came over to watch and said: "It's really good. Give me a
pamphlet. I am going to buy some tickets."

Ms. Shi said that the elderly woman's frosty expression softened, like
the snow melted by the winter sun, when she finished watching the
program. She said: "It's really not bad!"

Here is a similar story. When she was waiting for a train to go home
one night, a twenty-some-year-old girl and three of her friends were
also waiting at the train station. She tried to give her a pamphlet,
but she didn't take it. When she saw the program on the CD player, she
didn't move her eyes even slightly. By then, people around shouted: "We
would like to watch it" Ms. Shi thought that this girl had been
watching for two minutes and it should be enough. When she was about to
show it to other people, the girl held onto the player and said: "Don't
move. I am not finished watching yet!"

Later, when her train arrived and the screen was still showing the
play. The girl asked Ms. Shi disappointedly: "Aren't you going to board
the train?" Since Ms. Shi was waiting for her friends, she didn't board
the train. That girl thus took the pamphlet before she boarded the
train. She said when she left: "I will buy the ticket!"

After the girl took off, Ms. Shi realized there was a gentleman who was
around wanting to watch the program. As she was about to show him, the
gentleman smiled: "I already watched from the side! I will buy a

There was a father waiting at the train station with his son. With a
cool expression, the father seemed to signify to Ms. Shi not to
approach his son. The child was interested in watching the program, but
the father just didn't want his son to see what was playing. But the
child insisted on watching. It became an interesting scene of a father
chasing after his child around her. Finally the father couldn't help
but putting his son on his shoulder and boarded the train. Ms. Shi said
smilingly: "Minds of children are the most pure. They can sense
messages of goodness."


If there are ranks of indifference, the white collars of Wall Street
should belong to the top rank. Even the cold frost will melt when it
encounters the warming sun. Ms. Hong, who is also a staff member of the
show, said what affected her most deeply was when she was distributing
pamphlets in formal dress, people passed by her hurriedly without
noticing her existence, not to mention the pamphlets in her hands.

The following day, she thought of wearing a lady's dress from the Tang
dynasty since she was advertising the evening show of Chinese culture.
Unexpectedly, she received kind expressions even though it was the same
place and the same faces. A man even told her: "I bought the tickets

Ms. Hong said confidently: "I believe that this show of Eastern charm
will melt the cold and detached expressions of New Yorkers. It is like
the recent weather: As Christmas approaches, the sun becomes warmer and
wind breezes comfortably; the winter's Sun shines warmly on everything.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2006/12/17/41406.html

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