Cultivating Immense Compassion

Shan Yue

PureInsight | December 17, 2006

[] Through Fa
study, we have realized that the historical mission and responsibility
bestowed on Dafa disciples of the Fa-rectification period is important.
Our compassionate and great master wants to forge every Dafa disciple
into future kings and lords of different levels in the new cosmos to
play the roles of guardians who guard the universe and uphold the
truth, and at the same time take on the responsibility of saving
sentient beings and governing the numerous sentient beings in our own
world from now to the future. Therefore, as a Dafa disciple walking on
the path towards godhood today, cultivating immense compassion has
become especially important and very necessary. Its meaning is indeed
unusual and profound.

What is the immense compassion then? I remember that one time Master
answered a practitioner's question when giving lecture and explained
the magnificent expression of "Shan" and its endless inner connotation.
If we understand and feel it from the perspective of listeners, it is
impossible to summarize, describe and express it even by exhausting all
the human languages. At the same time, it allows us to further deeply
feel the boundless heart and extraordinary tolerance of Master, and the
boundless power of Dafa and broad and profound meaning of Fa

In my personal opinion, cultivating immense compassion, simply
speaking, is to cultivate immense benevolent heart, mind and enormous
forbearance. Yet, it is not limited to these. Today in this time of
Fa-rectification, keeping up with the progress of Fa-rectification,
remembering firmly Master's teaching and doing the three things well
are the reflections of great benevolence inside the heart of each Dafa
disciple. Our studying the Fa and cultivating well every day are the
manifestations of great benevolence, so is our sending forth righteous
thoughts every day and clarifying the truth daily to the world's

In fact, on our path of cultivation, everything, no matter how trivial
it is, is all our opportunity to cultivate compassion and demonstrate
benevolence. Bit by bit and step-by-step, we are unknowingly
cultivating immense compassion and ascending upward. "One's Gong is as
high as his Xinxing." As our realm is upgraded, our xinxing's
volume will also expand and become larger. Our cultivation is actually
included in all this. As we improve as whole, everything else will
upgrade and ascend. This is to say that our steadfast walking on the
path of validating the Fa is demonstrating the great compassion in the
heart of each Dafa disciple who is successfully carrying out his
mission, harmonizing Dafa's principles and what Master wants, and at
the same time establishing eternal mighty virtue and all the
magnificent things needed for consummation for ourselves.

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