The Importance of Dafa Websites - What I Saw With My Celestial Eye

A Western Practitioner in North America

PureInsight | December 17, 2006

"Nets of Fa

Clear Wisdom saves the predestined

New Life can rid the head of evil

The People's sharp pens fill demons with worry

Falun Dafa gives rise to Pure Insight"

(Hongyin II)

I am fortunate to be able to help with one of our media websites that
clarifies the truth to ordinary society and save sentient beings
through this form. I would like to share something that I saw through
my celestial eye recently when I sent righteous thoughts.

Shortly after I had finished spending a lot of time on this media
website, I was sending righteous thoughts when I suddenly started
seeing something through my celestial eye.

The background of my vision was dark black, and slowly our world - the
Earth - faded into vision. The Earth in my vision was also dark and
gloomy and seemed to be filled with dark, cloudy material.

At this time, a few other elements started to appear on this globe.
These were in the form of large lighthouses appearing in various places
around the world. The lighthouses in North America were large and
emitting great, powerful light that dispersed the haze around it. The
lighthouses that were appearing in other places around the world were
dimmer, but were also beginning to disperse the haze around them. It
appeared that the lighthouses were clearing out the darkness and
allowing people to wake up and see more clearly.

As I looked closer at the lighthouses, I suddenly saw what they were in
this dimension: they were our computer servers that were hosting our
truth-clarification websites! I was shocked and also excited at the
same time - I realized how powerful and important our Dafa websites are!

Master said,"I think that you should, first of all, realize the
importance of a Dafa website's effect. This site is created to clarify
the truth, to expose the evil's persecution, and to save the world's
people. Also, you should realize the effect media has on the general
public. It is extremely important in terms of people learning the truth
about Dafa, saving the world's people, and exposing the evil; and, its
influence is enormous." ("To the Clear Harmony Website of Europe", Essentials for Further Advancement II)

Master also said, "Dafa disciples' websites should be run well, because
they are a vehicle for clarifying the truth and are playing a role in
saving sentient beings. So they should be run well." ("Teaching the Fa
at the 2004 International Fa Conference in New York")

I am sharing this vision with fellow practitioners in hope that it will encourage fellow practitioners.

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