Adjusting Our Perspective

Jing Lian from Mainland China

PureInsight | December 24, 2006

[] Recently I have had some deeper insights on these topics and they are all related to the adjustment of perspective.

1. Adjusting the viewing angle in self-cultivation

We are cultivators. So in regard to any conflicts, difficulties, and
tests, our viewing angle should be always towards the inside and aiming
at our own heart. Since cultivation is to cultivate out every human
attachment, if our viewing angle is always towards the outside, all our
human attachments will forever stay and we will never walk towards
Godhood. The habitual way of thinking of ordinary people is to look
outward and seek outward, while it is exactly opposite in cultivation.
No mater how severe and difficult the conflicts and tests appear, and
no matter how obviously unfair things look, they are all manifested for
us to cultivate out our human attachments. We can only improve on our
understanding of the Fa, while strictly and unconditionally looking
inward, or else the problems will only become more serious instead of
being resolved. To do this, we are required to adjust our perspective
and way of thinking correctly, which is to adjust away from the
habitual way of thinking and perspective of most humans into the ones
of gods. In the gods' views, things are changing. Their view is omni-
and multi-dimensional, moves and stops as appropriate, allows being
able to develop the good and discard the bad elements of a thought in a
moment, allows being able to see the truth and the best and the whole
process of things, and sees differences in understandings with immense
compassion, tolerance and understanding.

One day, I went to see a fellow practitioner. I already felt something
irritating coming towards me on the way there. This practitioner has
strong attachment to human sentimentality and each time I see her, I
feel uncomfortable. Master gave me a hint and I suddenly realized that
I was looking outward and so I turned my point of view opposite. I
immediately turned around and looked into myself. When I found the
remaining sentimentality and desire in my dimension, my unkindness and
my pushing responsibility outward, the irritating stuff disappeared
right away. Ever since then and in any situation, my thought is to send
out my compassion and mighty virtue to rectify all the abnormalities,
to give others good things and kindness, and to let Buddha's light
illuminate everywhere and rectify everything.

Our compassionate Master had taught his disciples in "Teaching the Fa
at the 2002 Fa Conference in Boston": "The reason is, your surface,
which is still assimilating to the Fa, needs to be constantly improved,
and as you constantly improve, the things that you need to cultivate
away have to be arranged for. Every realm has its own state of being.
If you remain stagnant, you definitely won't be able to keep up with
the Fa-rectification."

Master's Fa-rectification has come to the end and the most surface
level. In this last stage of Fa-rectification, Dafa has presented the
highest and ultimate requirement and realm on our cultivation way as a
group and the state of personal cultivation. Master's scripture
"Thoroughly Dissolve the Evil" has required us to cooperate well as a
whole body, to connect together, and further thoroughly disintegrate
the evil. My personal understanding is that labor camps belong to
different provinces and municipalities directly under the central
government and many practitioners are illegally held in these places,
so the Dafa disciples in Mainland China should first cooperate into one
body and surround the evil in each province and eliminate it
thoroughly. While Master's scripture "Thoroughly Dissolve the Evil" has
already connected our righteous thoughts together, the concentrated
elimination of evil in various prisons and places has connected our
righteous thoughts with special aim in each province and municipality
directly under the central government together. The remaining part we
need to do is to have the truth clarifying materials aiming at the
local situation and take actions that validate the Fa locally. For
example, we can expose the evil persecution towards Dafa disciples and
the persecution of people done by the evil party in history in the form
of the "Nine Commentaries." This will catch the attention of people and
guide them to oppose the persecution, withdraw from the party
organizations and clearly recognize the evil nature of the party and
its local organizations. This will further achieve the goal of
thoroughly disintegrating the evil at the provincial level, saving the
sentient beings in each province, and fulfilling our responsibility.

My understanding of Master's scripture "To the Australia Fa Conference"
is that we are required to improve our understanding of the Fa and
accomplish more in both personal cultivation and doing the three
things. The process of our cooperation as one body is directly testing
us on how much ego and selfishness we have put down, and cooperating
well as a group is also exactly what Dafa, eliminating the evil
thoroughly, and saving sentient beings requires the most. Therefore,
our personal cultivation should reach the best and highest state and
that will be the one of the selfless enlightened being who puts others

2. Adjusting our perspective in saving sentient beings

Contrary to the case in personal cultivation, the perspective for
saving sentient beings should be towards the outside. We should
understand the states, obstacles, and attachments of the sentient
beings at the moment so as to break their blockages and achieve the
effect and goal of saving them. Why have "The Nine Commentaries" shaken
all the sentient beings, including the evil ones? It is because the
angles taken in their exposure of the nature of the evil party point
towards saving sentient beings, towards history and towards the
persecution suffered by people. That's why they have caused resonances
in people at all levels of social status. We are here to save sentient
beings and the purpose of exposing and eliminating the evils is also to
save sentient beings. If we stick to the form of pouring out our own
suffering, speaking our own thing, we won't receive people's

Nowadays people are very numb and they think that it has nothing to do
with them. As time goes by, they might think that we do not care about
them but, instead, we only care about ourselves. This will weaken the
effect of our persuading people to be good and clarifying the truth. We
should care about them more, save them from the perspective of their
being persecuted, save them from confirming their attachment to human
sentimentality and "caring for each other," and thus help them to
correctly understand Dafa and clearly recognize the nature of the evil

When I clarified the truth to a taxi driver from his standpoint,
talking about things like high taxes, people losing everything after
corrupt officials swallow their social security, the evil content in
school education, and the like, he cursed the evil party loudly and
said that only Falun Gong was good and truly cared from its heart and
mind for the people.

Therefore, when disintegrating the evil in local areas, we also need to
adjust our perspective and do not just talk about our own thing.
Instead, we need to connect the evil's persecution of Dafa disciples
today with the persecution of people in each area by the evil party in
history and today. Only by doing this, can we truly shake and
disintegrate the evil, arouse sympathy in people's hearts, and,
further, achieve the goal of saving them.

Master taught disciples in "Teaching the Fa in San Francisco, 2005":
"Programming needs to be based on what today's audience likes to watch
or listen to, and [what you proposed] is doable only when people have
widely understood Dafa. Currently, only when your programs suit the
taste of the audience will you have more listeners. And only after that
happens will you be able to achieve the effect of clarifying the truth
and saving sentient beings. If content related to Dafa takes up too
much time, ordinary people who don't practice cultivation will not find
it interesting... .... Shouldn't saving people be done with wisdom?"

3. Validating the Fa and walking towards godhood

Up to now, Master has washed us very clean and we are walking towards
godhood. We have already become very different from ordinary people.
The principles we follow are even opposite from those by ordinary
people and our god sides have manifested more. Then, in our validating
the Fa, saving sentient beings, eliminating the last of the evil and in
the face of tests, tribulations and conflicts, we should be even more
in the state of gods with gods' ways of thinking and perspectives on
understanding things.

Master told disciples in "Cautionary Advice" (Essentials for Further Advancement):
"If every one of you can understand the Fa from the depths of your
mind, that will truly be the manifestation of the Fa whose power knows
no boundary—the reappearance of the mighty Buddha Fa in the human
world!". Master said: "At levels higher up, all troubles are to pave
the way for ascending to Heaven. And at even higher levels, concepts
like eliminating karma, enduring hardships, and cultivation no longer
exist, and it's just a choice! This is the principle at high levels of
the cosmos: you think someone is good enough, so you choose him--that's
the principle." ("Fa-Lecture During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the
U.S. West Fa Conference").

My understanding is that only when the three things are all done well
and being completed, and the responsibilities fulfilled, can it be
called "good enough" and that person will be chosen.

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