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PureInsight | December 10, 2006

[] (New England Fahui 2006)
I am glad to be here presenting my sharing today at the New England Fa
conference. I am going to talk about some experiences in my
cultivation. Hopefully, you will gain something from my sharing, and I
also hope this presentation can help me improve in my future

Master has pointed out in Essentials for Further Advancement:
"today's mankind has come to this point with karma rolling on top of
karma; besides sickness-karma, a person has other kinds of karma as
well. So people have hardships, tribulations, and tensions in their
lives. How could they only pursue happiness without paying for karma?
People nowadays have so much karma that they are soaked in it, and they
will encounter unpleasant things at any time and in any situation. Bad
things await a person the moment he steps out the door."

Every time I encountered tribulation, it came suddenly and I was not
prepared for it. On June 16 this year, I went to stay at a fellow
practitioner's house. We planned to do some work in the field on the
Mountain next day. Because of my inattention, I hit my right foot on
the steps to her fireplace. I felt numb but paid no attention to it.
Later on, I started to feel swollen and painful on the foot. I found I
was not able to wear my shoe. My toes turned blue and my foot was badly
swollen. I was worried because on the next two days I would need to be
working in the field. But I remembered I was a Dafa disciple; we were
protected by Master and the Fa. So I told myself I must overcome this
tribulation. Two practitioners came to take care of me that evening. I
studied the Fa and did the exercises with them. Next morning my foot
was much better; the swelling was not so bad and the pain lessened.
After breakfast, we started to work in the field. I was able to perform
some easier jobs like weeding and cleaning the grounds. That evening, I
continued to study the Fa, do the exercises and send forth righteous
thoughts. I was fully recovered the next morning. I was able to work in
the field at my full capacity. I knew it was Master who had healed my
wound and helped me turn well so quickly. How divine Dafa's power is.

Another thing happened to me on evening of July 8th. One of
my index fingers was hit by a heavy falling window. It was bleeding
fast and the wound was 1 cm long near the joint. I wrapped the finger
quickly with a kitchen towel. It was quite painful and I had to keep
walking in the kitchen. I said to myself that I would be okay. I
remembered Master said that the thought at that moment was crucial (not
original words). And different thoughts would lead to different
outcomes. My son in law found my cut was big; and the nail and the skin
nearby had turned blue while bleeding. He phoned my daughter and asked
her to send me to hospital. I told my daughter that I was okay and that
I had basically stopped the bleeding. Although it was still bleeding as
the heart beat and my finger was badly swollen, I was not feeling
afraid at all. I knew I was Dafa disciple and I would be all right. On
the third day after the incident, I tried to write letters and send the
Nine Commentaries to China. I felt my work was slower but not affected
very much. On the fourth day, the condition of my finger turned to
good. After the seventh day the swelling was gone and the wound was
getting better. I have now fully recovered from it.

I looked inward and found my loopholes had been taken advantage of by
evil because I hadn't done the three things well. I didn't read a full
lecture of Zhuan Falun
every day. And I often missed two times of sending forth righteous
thoughts in a day. I fell asleep myself when trying to get my little
grandson fall asleep. In clarifying the truth, I only sent three copies
of Nine Commentaries to China daily. I used to make phone calls to
China to encourage people to quit Chinese Communist Party membership.
But I made fewer and fewer phone calls gradually. I felt it was
difficult to clarify the truth over the phone and I was feeling lazy
about it. After the two incidents, I realized I have to remind and
alert myself constantly. No matter how busy I am, I will have to do the
three things properly. Otherwise, I would feel shameful to be given the
name of Fa-rectification Dafa disciple.

In last November, a court hearing was going to take place. The case
concerned Dafa media and many disciples were thinking to go there to
send forth righteous thoughts. I wanted to go as well. But I could only
make it to one of the four days of the hearing because I had to take
care of my little grandson when he didn't go to the daycare center. I
asked my daughter to find out if the daycare center could change days
for my grandson but the principal told her that they didn't have the
resources to do it. I went to the hearing on Tuesday. That evening my
daughter told me the daycare center needed the kids to be there on
Wednesday to take photos. I therefore was able to attend Wednesday's
hearing. That evening, my daughter told me that the daycare center had
got it wrong; the photo taking would take place on Thursday. I was
therefore able to make it to the hearing three days in that week. This
made me think of Master's words in a poem. 'When disciples have ample
righteous thoughts, Master has the power to turn back the tide.' (Hong Yin volume II) I knew it was all Master's arrangements. I truly thanked for Master's help in my heart.

I remembered one thing that happened when my elder grandson was a 3rd
grade student. One day he suddenly behaved very strangely, with his
head turning to one side continuously and his eyes kept turning white.
He said his eyes were not feeling right. The doctor prescribed some
eyewash for him but it didn't work. When he returned home from school,
I told him that Falun Dafa was good and that many people re-gained
their health through practicing it. Even those who didn't practice at
all got cured by just quietly reciting the sentence "Falun Dafa is
good." I suggested to him that he recite "Falun Dafa is good. Zhen Shan
Ren is good" 30 times. He followed what I said and felt much better
afterwards. On the morning of the third day, he had fully recovered.
This really showed the miraculous power of Dafa.

My younger grandson has suffered from allergic dermatitis. He feels
extremely itchy if he eats wheat, legumes, peanuts, meat, or eggs. One
day he wanted to eat some nuts. He was crying hard so I agreed that he
could have one as a try. After half a minute, he started to feel itchy.
He got a rash on his face and all over the body. He couldn't bear the
itching and was crying hard. I told him that we should go to Master's
picture and ask him to help. I confessed to Master that I should not
have let him try it and now we had learned a lesson. After we did this,
my grandson stopped crying and fell asleep. The next day morning, all
the rash was gone and his skin was beautiful as if it had been replaced
with new skin. I felt Dafa was so amazing and I have encountered many
similar experiences.

I used to have a good friendship with an ex-colleague. I tried to make
phone calls to her several times but there was no one answering the
phone. Later on, I tried again and her husband picked up the phone. He
told me that she had died of lung cancer three days ago. He was busy
preparing her funeral. I was feeling sad. If I had phoned her earlier,
she might have been saved. I phoned her husband again later on and
encouraged him to quit the evil party in order to save himself. He
withdrew from the Party's Youth League and Youth Pioneers immediately
with an alias. He also encouraged his family to quit the CCP. His five
children, their spouses, and his four grandchildren, in total 14
people, all made declarations to quit the CCP. I was truly happy to see
that his whole family had been saved.

Sometimes I would experience interference when making phone calls to
China. Someone was monitoring the conversation. When I mentioned the
Nine Commentaries, and quitting the CCP, I would hear an echo. When I
encountered this situation I would talk about the truth more widely so
the monitors could also hear it. I told them the importance of doing
good deeds and accumulating virtue. Sometimes the noise would stop
then. If the monitor could hear the truth, it was also an opportunity
for him to be saved.

At the end of last year, my sister called me and asked me to stop
making phone calls to China. She suggested I practice at home. She also
mentioned that I still received a 2,000 dollar pension every month. She
hinted that if I kept making phone calls, I might loose the income.
Later on I learned it was Chinese government's Police who was behind
all this. They would like to stop me making phone calls to China by
threatening to stop my pension. My daughter told my sister that she
would support my life here if I was to lose my income. I also told my
sister that I would do what I should do at any cost. No one would be
able to stop my cultivation. I stressed to her all what I had been
doing was for the purpose of saving people.

Due to various reasons, I often missed the best two time slots to call
China. There was also some interference blocking me. But I would insist
on making phone calls to China. Any phone call that gets through makes
a difference. And I wish to save as many people as possible. Recently,
through phoning China, I got information about two of my previous
students. One is now residing in San Francisco and the other one is in
Los Angel. After I made phone calls to them, both of them withdrew from
the CCP's Youth League and Youth Pioneers. They also made declarations
for their parents.

Reviewing all these years' cultivation, I felt I did improve in my xinxing.
But I am still far away from what Master's expectation. Also I still
have a lot to learn from fellow practitioners. Sometimes I have
friction with my daughter and do not always control my temper well. But
every time when I study the Fa, I am able to take things lightly. I am
still not patient enough with my younger grandson. I also have a strong
pursuit. I wish my elder grandson to start cultivation and this has
become an attachment. To sum up, I have to study the Fa more and do the
three things well. In so doing I hope I won't feel regret when one day
I look back at the process of my cultivation.

I would like to conclude my sharing with Master's poem.

Cause and Effect

"Tis not that the journey of cultivation is painful,

Karma from generation upon generation is blocking you.

Steel your will, eliminate karma, cultivate xinxing,

And become a Buddha who keeps forever the human body."

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