My Father Has Gone To His Next Life

He Hua

PureInsight | January 21, 2007

[] About two
months ago, I had a dream about my father's reincarnating into his next
life. This dream, however, re-established my predestined relationship
with a small village about seventy kilometres away that I had never
heard of before.

My parents were typical Taiwanese farmers. They had worked tirelessly
for more than thirty years to bring up their six children and cater for
their educational needs. Although we were poor, my parents cherished
and loved each other deeply. To our sorrow, a year after I finished my
compulsory army service, my fathered died of illnesses. This was very
traumatic for our family, especially for my mother. She often cried
when my father's name was mentioned and on his death anniversaries, she
would often prepare food for him (Note from translator: a traditional
Chinese custom) and calling his name heart-wrenchingly. Year after
year, her strong sentimental attachment to my father never abated.

For the past twenty years, I would occasionally dream of my father; but
I always saw his sick face looking sad and miserable and I would often
wake up in a fright, feeling anxious and uneasy. Around three years
ago, seven members of my family started to practice Falun Dafa, one
after another, including my mother. Teacher's lectures and exercise
music tapes were often played in our household and the Fa permeated
throughout and reached every corner of the house. Perhaps this was the
reason I never saw my father's sick face again since then ... until two
months ago. However, this time, he looked entirely different. He looked
bright and spirited, telling me that he was about to go for his next

I work in the educational field as the headmaster of a high school. I
was very fortunate to have obtained Dafa in 2003. Prior to becoming a
Falun Gong practitioner, I never believed in things such as
reincarnation and often treated the theories of Buddhism and Daoism
with suspicion. But since commencing the practice of Falun Dafa, my
health improved and my mind nature has elevated. I have also
experienced miracles and seen them happening to many practitioners
around me. As a result, my stubborn atheistic notion was totally
shattered. When I last dreamt of my father in late July, I saw him
dressed neatly in a suit and he shook my hand in good spirits. He
cheerfully told me that he was about to reincarnate into his next life,
that his birth place would be a small village called Dakeng in Tainan
County. He also told me what his new name would be and the street
number of his new home.

I was rather confused in my dream. Was there really a place called
Dakeng in Tainan County? I knew Tainan County quite well and I had
never heard of this place. After father let go of my hand, I woke up.
It was about three o'clock in the morning. Unlike my past encounters
with him, this time I felt very peaceful and calm. I knew that I would
need to look at the meaning of this dream from the Fa.  

Early next morning, I looked it up on maps on the internet and, indeed,
there was a place called Dakeng. It is part of a township called
Xinhua, and there were also landmarks such as Dakeng Farms, Dakeng
Primary School and so forth. So the whole family decided to pay the
place a visit next weekend. On the way there, we were all very clear in
our minds that the purpose of the trip was not to prove the dream was
true; rather, it was because this place called Dakeng has a predestined
relationship with Dafa.    

After tens of kilometres, our car turned into a mountain road which
would lead to Dakeng village. About two kilometres from our
destination, I saw a sign which said "Sharp Mountain". Coincidently,
the village where my maternal grandparents lived was also called "Sharp
Mountain." I remembered in the past, when my parents took us to visit
the grandparents, we would have to walk for two kilometres and I often
asked my father: "Why is this place called Sharp Mountain, how come I
don't see any sharp mountain?" I though perhaps this "Sharp Mountain"
village near Dakeng might also have some predestined relationship with

It was about noon when we arrived at Dakeng village. A local person
told us there were around 200 households in the village. The weather
was calm with gentle breezes and the village felt relaxed. We went to
Dakeng Farms and Dakeng Primary School, as well as inside the village,
to give out flyers to the villagers. We also visited the head of the
village who was a lady. We told her the purpose of our trip. Her
husband enthusiastically introduced the village to us and promised that
he would pass on tens of flyers to others who might have a predestined
relationship with Dafa. Of course, I shared with him my wonderful
experiences in practicing Dafa and also some stories about Dafa. Just
as he was telling me that Dakeng has a very low crime rate, I saw the
neighbours playing Majong on two tables. (Note from translator: Majong
is a traditional Chinese gambling game. Many treat it as a leisurely
entertainment, while some use it as "serious gambling" with large sums
of money). I believe, however, the day when Dafa's music is being
played in Dakeng village, Falun Dafa will transform it into an even
better place.  

We did not try to look for my father by the street number that given to
me in the dream. It is enough for me to remember my father's bright and
happy face after his years of sorrowful waiting. Besides, on my path of
cultivation, I was lucky enough to be able to think of the sentient
beings in Dakeng, Sharp Mountain and Xinhua who have obtained the Fa. I
told myself that I will come back to visit these places again.  

At the end of the article, I would like to make a special mention of my
mother. She is now seventy-seven years old and she is illiterate. She
sits in front of the tape recorder to listen to Teacher's Fa everyday,
and she also comes to do the exercises with us at the dusk. She often
recites three phrases: "Falun Dafa is good",
"Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good" and "Teacher Li is good".
Before starting practicing Falun Gong, she had had an operation for
intestinal cancer and she also had arthritic degeneration in her knees,
high blood pressure, hepatitis and diabetes, among other things. After
starting the practice, her health is much improved. It is also worth
mentioning that she has understood the principle of practicing in only
one way, and distances herself from the multitude of other belief
systems in the Taiwanese society.

I firmly believe the Fa principle of "one person cultivates and the
whole family will benefit." The term "whole family" indeed has profound

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