Make Our Every Thought Righteous and Cultivate Our Speech Well

A Dafa Practitioner in China

PureInsight | January 14, 2007

[PureInsight.Org] I went to a
fellow practitioner's home one day to study the Fa. After we finished
studying, we took a break for a while. We talked about our
understandings of the problems with our local group and then about
individual practitioners. At the beginning, we talked inadvertently
about some practitioners clearly having problems and how they were
persecuted because of the problems. At the beginning, as we talked we
more or less talked with the Fa. Then it started to change. And then it
became critical but we were not aware of it. Just then it was time to
send forth righteous thoughts. As we sat down to clear our thoughts, we
realized that something was wrong. Earlier when we sent forth righteous
thoughts, we were in a benign and pure field. But now both of us were
having headaches and our heads felt bloated. The fellow practitioner
said to me: "There is something wrong with us. Why did we talk about
these things?" and I also realized it. We quickly cleansed ourselves
and aimed at what we talked about to cleanse the evil elements.

After sending forth righteous thoughts, we shared our experiences. The
fellow practitioner said he saw he was reading others' private records
when he was sending forth righteous thoughts. I said I saw some chewing
gum placed in front of me and also several black tadpoles. I knew it
meant that my mouth was having bad breath and I had cultivated poorly
in my speech. When our thoughts are not righteous, it will incur bad

Ordinary people have a saying: "Who doesn't say things behind others'
backs, and who hasn't been gossiped about by others." This is a bad
habit of ordinary people. It is also a channel for creating karma. How
can a cultivator behave this way? There are big gaps between
practitioners in some areas. Much of it was caused by badly cultivated
speech. Looking inward, I asked why I said those things. Why not point
things out in front of them with good intentions? Talking thing behind
others' backs won't solve anything. It also sent bad stuff to fellow
practitioners and ourselves. To put it more seriously, it is just like
stealing Qi or collecting Qi. When one says something about another, it
will touch off his field. Because the thoughts are not righteous, it
will incur bad stuff and create karma for oneself. It is bad to trade
one's white stuff with bad stuff.

Teacher's compassionionate enlightenment awakens me. Cultivation is a
serious business. Any unrighteous speech or deed will incur
unpredictable loss. I use this opportunity to expose my mistake and
also to remind fellow practitioners not to let the evil take advantage
of you because of speech.

Let us mend out ways in every thoughts and every deed and improve together while we walk on the final path.  

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