Cultivators Should Not Try to Force Others

A Taiwanese Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | February 5, 2007

Demanding that others be on time, not cut in line, maintain good
hygiene, and such --  are they truly for the good of others, or to
safeguard our own interests?  When others are on time and don't
cut in line, then I don't have to wait as long.  When others keep
good hygiene I won't have to use or see dirty things.  My requests
of people are not wrong. To be a good person one certainly ought to be
on time, keep one's word, not cut in line, and maintain good hygiene.
But, as a cultivator, I am to require these of myself; they are not for
me to require of others.

When others' imperfections show, I can point them out, but do I do it
for his good or to protect my own interests?  If I were truly
doing it for his good I would not force him, because force does not
change the human heart. If I am truly doing it for his good I would not
presuppose his position. I would not persist that my own understanding
is right. If I am truly doing it for his good, I would first understand
him, be understanding of his actions and behavior, rather than being
bent on changing him.

As a cultivator I should not pressure others, just as Teacher never
forces us. Rather he has us understand it from the Fa.  We can
only do well ourselves first. The others will then see their own
failings and only then will their hearts be moved to change their

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