On Love

Dr. Tongwen Weiss

PureInsight | February 12, 2007

[PureInsight.org] In these
modern times, many women no longer want to be married, and many, even
after being married, do not want to become mothers. However, life has
its own wisdom, and many women unwillingly become married and become
mothers. However, their notions about what marriage and family should
be like become major obstacles to their truly playing their role as
mothers. Consequently, their children suffer the consequences of the
mother's wrong behavior and the mistakes in the marriage and the family
start to be perpetuated in the family. Thus, in modern times, it is
hard to find a healthy family that is living in harmony. The problem
behind these phenomena is the wrong understanding of what LOVE is. Many
women consider love to be receiving gifts, being taken good care of,
and being the center of attention of her man. Such a desire for "love"
even drives a woman to become promiscuous, which, again, has been
justified in the modern time with a fashionable name: free love. When
such a woman is forced by life to become a mother, her desire for
"love" continues to drive her to put family life aside and put her own
interests before those of her own children. She then faces the danger
of committing some of the most fatal mistakes in life, such a having
affairs and aborting her child.

I am from Mainland China, where traditional values about marriage and
family have been totally wiped out during the Culture Revolution by the
Chinese Communist Party (CCP, see Nine Commentaries on the Communist
in The Epoch Times). I was born at the start of the Culture
Revolution to a mother who was a very devoted CCP member. In her eyes,
in order to be a good CCP member, she no longer had the time for a
second child. So, when she learned of her pregnancy, she decided to
have an abortion. But she did not succeed in doing it, due to some
medical conditions. I was therefore saved and was born on the
Valentine's Day.

My mother soon sent me away to my grandparents' house to be reared. So,
from a young age, I was deprived of Mother's love and care, and was
alone in my heart and soul. The search for love became the center of my
life. Even as a young child, I longed for unconditional love and
created all types of love stories in my mind and tried to act them out
in my daily life. When I became a young lady, my longing for love
became very painful. I once projected all of the wonder of Love that I
can imagine onto a young man, and allowed myself to be lost in it. One
day, when I was walking on the street, suddenly, I saw the young man's
image in everyone on the street. From that experience, I suddenly
realized that true love for one person can be transformed into the love
for all beings.

Later, when I woke up from the projection of love, I felt deep pain and
disappointment in my heart. The unconditional love I was seeking is too
beautiful for a human being to have. As I walked along my life, many
times I projected that love onto a man and then watched how real life
showed me that it was a projection.

Finally, I was trapped in a relationship of fate, and started to lock
myself away from the pain of the emotional dessert that my heart was
experiencing, through devoting myself to work. That pain did not go
away when I became very successful. That pain did not go away when I
became the mother of a most beautiful child. That pain eventually
transformed into physical symptoms that made me unable to continue the
kind of lifestyle I was having.

One day, I was visited by an unexpected spiritual experience. From that
experience, for the first time, I felt the most wonderful LOVE. That
LOVE is not from a human being and is truly unconditional. For the
first time, my heart has found a home and my soul feels peace. That
experience released me from the desperate search for LOVE. Since then,
I have been guided by the source of LOVE.

In the spring of 2000, I was guided to learn the ancient mind-body
practice, Falun Dafa. Since then, again and again, my face has been
covered by tears of joy, when my heart feels the true LOVE. As I
continue to practice, my heart is filled with pure LOVE for all beings.
I now know that this LOVE is called Compassion. Scientists recently
found that our entire universe is permeated with a substance that is
invisible but most powerful. They call such a substance Dark Matter,
since it is invisible. I think it is Compassion, the LOVE of GOD.

On this year's Valentine's Day, my 40th birthday, I call for the
celebration of Compassion and hope more and more people will be
connected with Compassion, but not trapped by human love based upon

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