Showing My Attachments in a Dream

PureInsight | February 12, 2007

[] In daily
life, whenever my husband and I had a dispute, I always thought that
since I was a Dafa practitioner I would not argue with him. 
However, I did not actually put it down from the bottom of my
heart.  I showed unhappiness on my face.  Sometimes, my
daughter would help me argue against my husband.  I felt happy
when I heard her saying what seemed right to me.  

One day, a dispute between us happened again.  That night, I had a
clear dream.  In the dream, my daughter and I were walking on a
bridge.  Accidentally, the camera in my hands, as well as the
watch and ring I wore, fell off the bridge into the mud of the
river.  We immediately went down from the bridge to look for
them.  My daughter used a stick to search for them in the
mud.  At this moment, a child, who was playing besides the river
found the camera.  He was playing with the camera in his
hands.  I shouted to him, "That's mine.  Please return it to
me."  The child replied, "It's yours.  Return to you," while
he was throwing the camera to me.  I reached out my hands to catch
it.  But what arrived in my hands was a sticky and muddy
fish.  I relaxed my hold immediately and awakened from the
dream.  I realized that the fish in my hands was an attachment of
mine, which I had regarded as a precious thing.  When I lost the
precious thing and had tried to find it again, I found that what I
regained was a disgusting and dirty thing.  

I was calmly thinking about what had happened in the dream.  Three
possessions were lost together by coincidence and all of them dropped
into mud.  They were merely worldly possessions that I must get
rid of.  It would have been a great thing if I had had left there
in a natural and unrestrained manner, instead of searching for them in
the mud under the bridge.  I hope that, in the future, I will get
rid of any attachments with an easy grace when I face a test requiring
cultivation of nature and mind.     

Later, I told my daughter about the dream.  I asked her whether
she understood the meaning behind it.  She replied, "Your dream is
cool.  I will not help you hold on to your attachments any
more.  Henceforth, if I see you showing unhappiness, I'll say,
'Hey, it's time for you, a practitioner, to remove your attachment.'"

I sincerely thank Master for directing me to remove my attachments.  

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