My Understanding of Fa-Rectification Cultivation

Hui Lian

PureInsight | April 16, 2007

[] In the
beginning of this year, a different degree of persecution happened in
our local area and caused a great loss in coordination of
Fa-validation. One of the reasons for this to happen is our lack of
understanding toward the ways to cultivate in Dafa.

"At this point, let me talk about Dafa disciples' cultivation form.1
Actually, I have always said to you that the way today's Dafa disciples
cultivate is one of a 'Great Way without form.' Each of you is a part
of ordinary society, each performs his or her own functions in society,
each is in his own social strata, each has his own profession, and each
has his own circumstances. In other words, your cultivation is fully a
part of society and doesn't take any specific form," Master said during
the LA Conference in 2006. "In other words, the cultivation of a Great
Way without form is  really a formless kind of form."

My understanding of that paragraph is that there are various cultures
and occupations in our society, and those are ways for beings of this
vast universe in all different levels and dimensions to maintain their
connections with each other; their moving up or down within the Fa
manifest in our society in different forms.  No matter what form
of cultivation our Master chooses, we can all elevate under the
guidance of Dafa: the elevation of techniques in music, art, and
technologies; cultivation led by an emperor and his subjects; and
cultivation in any profession in this society etc.

However, everything is up to our Master to choose, including the
process of Fa-Rectification, and Master has chosen the great way
without form. Dafa disciples come from all walks of life and various
environments.  All Dafa disciples are taking advantage of their
individual environment to cultivate, to validate Dafa, and to save
sentient beings. In reality, it means that Dafa has recognized all
beings in the colossal firmament and in

 different dimensions and rectified the Fa for all beings; it also
means saving all sentient beings. The godly path that every Dafa
disciple walks on corresponds with lives of different systems. Now, we
know how profound Dafa is. The mission and responsibilities that every
Dafa disciple carries are as great as the mighty virtue that Dafa
disciples will accumulate. What Dafa disciples can accomplish are
immense, and so is Dafa disciples' elevation in realms. More
importantly, Fa-Rectification disciples are present when Master
rectifies the cosmos and they are most magnificent beings in the eyes
of gods.

At the Los Angeles Conference in 2006, Master said: "Of course, it
won't be possible for me to leave to mankind their demonstrations in
human society. What we are saving are the lives in those systems. When
anything gets to the place where human beings are, the level [here]
makes it become very bad and low, so of course Dafa and Dafa disciples
can't validate these low forms in and of themselves."

My understanding of what Master said is that our family, work place,
social environment, and all normal environments in our daily lives are
all environments for Dafa disciples to elevate.  We cannot isolate
ourselves from human society, and we need to be a good person in any
environment; that is the path for all Dafa disciples to walk on. 
Everything should be done properly but not overly; otherwise it is
going to extremes, which is also an attachment.

Just looking at the methods, we can only make a rational choice and use
it properly. We can neither depend on ordinary methods in this society
nor put too much emphasis on the methods, otherwise we would end up
validating the methods instead of using those methods to elevate. If we
cannot remain stable in this Great-way-without-form, we will form many
human notions which interfere with us invalidating the Fa, and thus
create losses for Fa-Rectification.  For instance, we were trying
to do the "Three Things" well locally and we formed many ways to keep
communication open between cities, districts, and towns. This is
normally a good thing, however, in practice, we have unknowingly
brought in methods from ordinary people, the leadership styles
resulting from our Party Culture, and some bad habits and attachments.

Master said, "There is no fame, self-interest, or official titles in
Dafa, but only cultivation practice." However, some practitioners, once
they take a responsible position, feel superior and try to strengthen
their authority and leadership role. Then they will have conflicts with
other practitioners who have different ideas and thus directly affect
the coordination of the whole body.

Actually, the gods do not want various forms and do want to use all
forms to help us to elevate.  "Ignore superficial formalities and
only look at one's heart" is the essence of Dafa cultivation. 
When your life elevates, it is then the most fundamental. In "Teaching
the Fa at the Meeting with Asia-Pacific Students," Master also said,
"There are factors in the forms that affect a cultivator's
improvement." Anything having an exterior form would leave us with an
attachment; therefore, we need to do the "three things" that Master
requested well, meet the standards of Fa-Rectification, and walk the
godly path of "Great Way without form."

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