Stories about Quitting the Communist Organizations: "Thank You for Helping Me Withdraw."

Yuan Ming

PureInsight | April 22, 2007

[] Lao Sun is a
veteran member of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). A few days ago, I
went to visit him and mentioned the miracle book the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and today' wave of quitting the CCP. He said with emotion, "What it says in the Nine Commentaries
is all true. I remember I had a schoolteacher at elementary school who
was very gentle, honest and well-behaved. He was very responsible for
his students, only he had a little stutter in his speech. In the insane
years of the Cultural Revolution, he was inevitably discriminated
against as an intellectual. One day, just because of an error made by
his stuttered speech, in those bloody political days when anything can
be raised to the political level regardless how tiny it was, he was
humiliated by being shown to the crowd along the streets, inspected,
interrogated and physically abused every day until his death as a
result of torture. His family was broken too.  Alas, for so many
years, it was exactly by using falsehood, wickedness and struggle that
the wicked party has survived, and by doing so it has made people harm
each other for self-protection. There are numerous examples like this.
The evil party is evil in its root and nature. And today, it has peaked
all the evil and beyond."

I said, "The wicked party has killed more than eighty million Chinese
people in the past 50 years. Now heaven is going to destroy it. Quickly
break away from it and don't be implicated when the disaster comes. Now
there are more than twenty million people who have declared their
withdrawal from the evil party, and have chosen themselves a bright
future. Let's not miss the opportunity to save ourselves. As said in an
old saying, 'if you have passed this town, you won't be able to find
that inn.' How about letting me help you publish the withdrawal
statement today?"

He said without hesitation, "Sure. It's foolish to keep one's
membership in the evil party. I wanted to quit a long time ago, but
honestly I didn't know how. Now I finally have got the chance. Thank
you for having me withdrawn!"

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