How Did An Old Man Obtain Dafa?

PureInsight | April 22, 2007

[] This is a
story about rewards that happened in a village in the province of
Heilongjiang.  A man about 60 years old had been deeply poisoned
by the propaganda of the evil party during the early stages of the
persecution of Falun Gong.  His sister and niece are all Dafa
disciples. They continuously clarified the truth to him, and slowly he
began to change his mind. He started to read the truth clarifying
booklets, and he even took them home for his children to read. He put
the Dafa amulet on his mirror.  He worked all year around in
Russia and every member in his family has quit the party, the league,
and the group except him. Last year, when he was ready to go to a
Russian village to work, his sister asked him to quit the party. 
He agreed without hesitation and put the Dafa amulet on himself.

One day, while working, he suddenly had a headache and symptoms of
cerebral hemorrhage.  Since he was in a foreign land, no one was
available to take care of him, so he wanted to go back home
immediately.  After seven long days of journeying, he miraculously
returned home.

His family members sent him to the hospital for a checkup.  It was
showed that the blood in his brain had been reabsorbed, and even the
doctors found it incredible.  He felt just fine, but his family
took him to other big hospitals for more checkups with modern
technology. Nothing serious was found and the doctor said that only one
area of the blood vessel seemed to be a little thin, and there was no
need to have an operation.  His family was still worried and, as a
result, he was operated on.  The operation did not improve
anything, but he did not have any aftermath either.


After witnessing this event, everyone truly believed that Dafa is
miraculous and many more people also came to understand the truth. The
sister-in-law of the old man put on a Dafa amulet and she and her
family members all quit the party, the league, and the group. She had
appendicitis two years ago and was operated on. After she got out the
hospital, she told many Dafa disciples that she had no pain
whatsoever.  Before her relatives went to Russia to work, she
asked Dafa disciples for many amulets to give to her relatives. In
addition, she also used her personal experiences to bring Dafa
blessings to other people.

Now, this old man, the survivor of a disaster, has started to practice Falun Gong.

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