Sentimentality and Alienation

Xiao Lian

PureInsight | May 2, 2007

Sentimentality and alienation among practitioners have started to
surface in many areas, and many articles were published in the past on
Clear Wisdom and Pure Insight regarding this topic. What I want to talk
about below is my personal viewpoint on this subject seeing it from
another dimension.

When a life descends from a higher level, some divine beings in the old
universe have arranged everything in every aspect for this life,
including the persecution of Dafa disciples disguised as trials and
what to do to accelerate one's cultivation. The old forces took the
degenerate notions to create various areas of confusion to test Dafa
disciples.  As a result, there are two important issues in this
dimension: one is the improper relationship between a man and a woman,
and the other is alienation among Dafa disciples. When they have been
deceived, they agree to follow the arrangements by the old forces. In
our path of cultivation, if we can fully recognize the danger of this
course, we can eliminate it from the deep inside of our minds and
simultaneously negate such a contract. When we can take control of our
fate during the critical moments, assimilate to Dafa thoroughly, and
act according to strict requirements of Dafa, then the evil forces will
be powerless to persecute us.

To make it perfectly clear, cultivation is the process from human to
godhood. Everything that belongs to a cultivator is through his work to
improve his xinxing and
establish mighty virtue. For ordinary people, if they complete tasks,
they will be rewarded. Only when a cultivator accomplishes his tasks
during the cultivation, can he upgrade his xinxing. That is the mighty virtue of a cultivator.

A person must have a predestined relationship with another before they
can meet. How close the relationship between them is depends on how
deep the predestined relationship is. Sometimes two people have not
developed a close relationship, not because they did not have a deep
predestined relationship, but because there is no issue of gratitude or
resentment to be settled in this lifetime. However, should we cherish a
predestined relationship with the heart of a cultivator and resolve it
benevolently or treat it with very low level moral standards of modern

To be more specific, if a being wants to come down to earth to obtain
Dafa, many other beings recognize that there are warped elements in the
fundamental makeup of that being. For that particular reason, this
being was misled into signing a contract with the old forces to create
confusion to test Dafa disciples. Thus, the confusion is manifested in
our dimension as attachments to cliques, discrimination against
disciples from other areas, lust, or being overly sentimental. When a
Dafa disciple has attachments to any of these areas, evil would
strengthen that area. The evil forces will tempt this disciple and
other disciples, so this disciple would excel in other areas and then
becomes very conceited and forget to correct himself consistently. As a
result, the evil forces take advantage of his loophole, so this
disciple would suffer much interference and severe damage in his path
of cultivation.

In this immense universe, divine beings are everywhere, and no life
from this universe has the thorough understanding of the whole
universe.  No matter how much knowledge one has, and how a high a
level one has obtained, one is nothing more than a small speck. If that
is the case, there is no need for practitioners with different opinions
to argue, and the evil beings take it as laughable jokes. And matters
like that interfere with not only our personal cultivation but also our
whole body's validation of the Fa.

For practitioners who are attached to lust and sentimentality, I saw
the names of practitioners whose minds are quiet, not stirred by
emotion, have fewer desires, and can rationally, compassionately do the
three things well, are getting shinier. On the other hand, the names of
those who carry a lot of human notions and spread rumors, are a
tarnished golden color.  We should pay attention to this: the
names of practitioners who have had improper man-woman relationships,
deceived others for money, and interfered with Fa-rectification have
turned black. Their black names are now in a different book, and their
bodies are filled with evil elements. If those practitioners do not
correct themselves in time, then total elimination is unavoidable. The
outcome may be worse than being an ordinary person.  The old
saying, "When you know the laws and still commit the crime, your
penalty would be double."  When your crime is destroying the Dafa
that created all the lives in this universe, think about the punishment
you deserve!

Thus, we should look at the predestined relationships among fellow
practitioners with righteous thoughts, compassion, and a heart that
cherishes them. When we can totally disintegrate the sentimentality and
the overwhelming notion of "me," the power of the whole body will
increase and we can move forward more quickly.

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