Clarifying the Truth through Poetry

A Greek Practitioner

PureInsight | May 20, 2007

[] I have
cultivate myself in Falun Dafa since September 2004 and I am 30 years
old. I recently published my first collection of poems in the Greek
language in Greece.

Those poems were written prior to my practicing Falun Dafa.  

In the previous years I also had thoughts about publishing the poems
but I never did something in this direction. It was a Sunday morning, a
couple of months ago, when I woke up and said to myself: "I will do it
now. I will send the poems to publishers and see what happens." And so
I did. I received positive feedback from two publishers and I decided
to cooperate with one of them.

I have now realised that the reason I hadn't published this collection
before is because I needed to mature in my cultivation in order to use
this book as a way of truth clarification, while at the same time
getting myself rid of any attachments connected to the whole process of
writing poetry and promoting it.

But how will I clarify the truth about Falun Dafa through this book? At
the beginning of the book I wrote the following dedication: "Poetry
beyond poetry is Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance.
Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance are being persecuted in China.
This book is dedicated to all Falun Dafa practitioners." Underneath the
dedication I added links to the main Falun Dafa web-pages.   

In the process of promoting the book I intend to organize poetry
readings. In the poetry readings I will always talk about the
dedication and the situation in China. I will also have my petition to
the UN and the Greek Minister about the human rights violations in
China for people to sign and take a stand. Furthermore, publishing the
book will give me the opportunity to come in contact with book
handlers, intellectuals and journalists. And all these are people to
clarify the truth to and people who could help us with further
clarification of the truth.

 These poems were written before I started practicing Falun
Dafa.  However, they were judged and reviewed according to my
current understanding. Some have been changed and some have been
excluded. Even though attachments to sentiments, for example, can be
detected in some poems, I truly believe that the poems have something
to offer to non practitioners who read them. Perhaps the poetry I write
today has fewer attachments than the poetry I wrote before becoming a
practitioner but still is definitely not totally free of attachments
since I am still a cultivator.

I have the understanding that good poetry and art in general are
manifestations of the Fa in the human world. Reading poetry and coming
in contact with good art can wake up non-practitioners to the Fa and
can give hints to practitioners about their cultivation. In a recent
small poem I wrote:

"Lyrics of yesterday

were like thirst for the Fa

Poetic moments

paved my way to cultivation"

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