Party Culture Has Destroyed the Chinese People's Ability to Judge Right and Wrong

Qi Zhiping

PureInsight | May 17, 2007

[] It is an
obvious fact and very clear that Falun Dafa is good and the persecution
against Dafa by the CCP is evil. However, why have many people not been
able to accept the truth even though we patiently clarify the truth to
them? The fundamental reason is that in past decades, the CCP has
purposely used the party culture to brainwash Chinese people, which has
caused the degeneration and overturning of people's ability to judge
right and wrong and made Chinese people to treat the truth about Dafa with
the Party culture's standards for judgment.

Example 1: In the face of numerous examples showing that Dafa widely
elevates people's morality and improves their health, many people,
including many high ranking officials, have no complaint and, following
the normal way of thinking, people would very naturally conclude that
the crackdown of the CCP on Dafa is wrong. However, many Chinese people
will say: if I were the CCP, I would also crack down on you.

When one first hears this, one might not be able to understand how
people could think this way. However, if you have a deep understanding
of the way of thinking of the Chinese people, who have long been
brainwashed by the CCP, it won't be difficult to understand this kind
of twisted thinking. The reason is that, under the brainwashing by the
CCP, many Chinese people's basic judgment of right or wrong has been
completely twisted. In their hearts, self-interest is the only standard
to judge right and wrong. They do not care if Falun Dafa is good, if
it's good for people and the country. As long as it does not benefit
the interest of the CCP, I should crack down on you. The CCP's motto is
"When men stop looking out for themselves that will be the end of the
world." Many people who have been totally brainwashed also carry this
standard for judging right and wrong, so they would say: if I were the
CCP, I would also crack down on you. This way of thinking that only
cares about oneself is entirely the result of the human conscience
being buried by the party culture.

Example 2: When we clarify the truth to people, especially to our
friends, family members and relatives, although they know the fact that
Falun Dafa is good, they still say: "I have never seen anyone as
foolish as you!" We ask them in what way we are foolish, because by any
person's normal way of thinking, one is of course supposed to hold onto
what is good. However, they do not think this way and would say: "What
can you do even if you are better? The CCP has the power. How can you
fight and win over it? If you insist, you will certainly be the one who

The Chinese people under the long-term brainwashing have no more
standard for judging right or wrong and, in their eyes, power is the
most important thing. They do not believe the principle that "evil
never conquers the righteous" any more and there is no sense of justice
in their hearts. They have accepted the evil theory of "survival of the
fittest" and "the philosophy of the jungle" forced into them by the CCP
and are filled with worship and fear towards power, with not a bit of
the sense of justice left. If you explain with examples of those in
history who sacrificed their lives to uphold justice, they use the
story of Yue Fei, who was killed even though he was loyal to the
country, to prove that following power is correct. It is very difficult
to wake up the sense of justice at bottom of their hearts.

Example 3: Despite the numerous facts showing that Falun Dafa is good,
many people will say: "Yes, you are good, but considering the big
picture of the country, can you sacrifice your own idea/pursuit?"  

This type of person is very muddle-headed with totally a confused logic
of thinking. This is also the result of long-term brainwashing by the
CCP. The CCP has been tricking people with "stability is the top
priority," "the economy is the essential issue" and "for the sake of
victory, we are ready to give up everything." The CCP did the same with
its "strategy of the people's sea" and so was with its June 4th
crackdown - "With 200 thousand people's death, we get 20 years of
stability." With this kind of thinking forced into Chinese people's
minds, they often are willing to argue for the CCP's ugly misdeeds.
It's truly pitiful. Today, even when many Chinese people know Falun
Dafa is good and the CCP's persecution is wrong, they are still willing
to argue for the evil party, saying: it persecutes you for the sake of
stability of the society and the economic growth, so you should just
bear it, or the CCP has its own difficulties and so on and so forth.
They may even say: its persecution is maybe wrong, but getting the
economy strong is the first thing. These people even think that they
are pretty rational and logical. They do not realize that they are
poisoned by the CCP.

They are truly muddle-headed. They don't know that Falun Dafa is not
only good for the practitioners themselves, it is good for the entire
country and society. It is truly good. Then, can anyone say that giving
up belief in Falun Dafa is a benefit to the country? It is exactly the
practitioners' upholding their beliefs that benefit the country. How
can the statement of "develop the economy first" be reasonable? The
cultivation of Falun Dafa has only benefited the country and people,
without any harm to them, and so it is with the development of economy.
Can they say that only after the crackdown on Falun Dafa can "the
economy be first developed?" Does the CCP then have any "difficulties"
to talk about?

Facing this type of people, it is truly very difficult to clarify the
facts. We have noticed that their consciences and rationality have been
buried by the party culture infused into them by the CCP.

What can we do then? I suggest that we point out the dead knot in their
thinking, let them make comparisons and further awake their consciences
and rationality.

Because we are Dafa disciples of the Fa-rectification period, we have
to do things well no matter how difficult they are and, with the wisdom
Dafa has given to us, we will be able to do them well. As long as we
clearly see what evil thoughts have covered up the consciences of the
world people's, we will for sure be able to clear up the fog covering
their hearts and awake their true natures.

Writing here, I remembered Master's poem "For the Good of the World:"
"Make clear the truth, and drive off foul spirits. Spread widely the
Nine Commentaries, and the wicked Party shall fade. With righteous
thoughts, save the world's people. I just don't believe their
consciences are irretrievably lost."

My heart is filled with confidence.

Fellow practitioners, let's encourage each other in our endeavors.

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