I Will Not Be Lost In Moving On Down the Road

Yuzhen (China)

PureInsight | May 20, 2007

[PureInsight.org] The scene
when I obtained the Fa always appears in my mind. When a practitioner
first told me: "Falun Gong is very good. Look at me, I'm so healthy
now. Before, every year I had to spend over one thousand dollars to buy

I said: "I don't even have time to practice X qigong. I won't practice any qigong anymore."

The next time, she brought me a Zhuan Falun.
I said: "Why does one need to read such a thick book in order to
practice qigong? There are many books that I want to read, but my eyes
are no good for reading anymore." So she couldn't do much but take the
book back.

The third time, she came to my home to pick up her granddaughter. She brought a Zhuan Falun
with her. Because this time she had sat down, I took the book from her
hand and just randomly flipped through the pages. Within minutes, I was
shocked. Things that I've always praised, such as "persisting in
something" (attachment) and "striving for something," are actually
wrong. It has made me think back on my life, which has been very
difficult. I sighed. I've always been complaining that life is sad,
human emotions can be frightening, and the gods don't seem fair. After
I read a little of Zhuan Falun,
I suddenly understood so much. I carefully read on and said: "This book
is so good. There are things that I've never heard or seen. I want to
learn, I want to learn this qigong. Are they still selling this book?"

That night she took me to her home to study the Fa (her home was a
group Fa study site), and I stayed in her home. The next morning at 4
am, she took me to do exercises at the group exercise site. After doing
the exercises, she took me to buy Zhuan Falun. When I got home, I couldn't wait to read Zhuan Falun.
The third day, at 4 am, I woke up and went to do exercises. When I
walked out the door, the north wind was blowing and it was raining. I
held an umbrella and hesitated. Then I suddenly thought, am I getting
afraid and backing off just because this little wind and rain? How can
Teacher's disciple be like that? I walked firmly in the rain and I felt
extremely happy and comfortable.

When I got back home from doing the exercises, it wasn't even 7 am yet.
I had already gone shopping and bought vegetables. Usually, at that
time, I would still be sleeping. My colleagues saw me coming back from
the exercises and laughed at me. I said to them happily: "Too bad you
all wouldn't go; otherwise we could accompany each other."

In July, the evil CCP began to madly persecute Falun Gong. I remember
clearly the last time when I went to the group study site. The usual
peaceful environment had changed. Fellow practitioners were anxious and
worried. The practitioner who organized the Fa study said: "The central
government is arresting those of us who practice Falun Gong. Master
told us to take the Fa as our teacher. From now on, we will study the
Fa and do exercises individually." So everyone came and left. The next
morning, I went to the group exercise site as usual. On the school
field, there were people doing different kinds of sports as usual. Some
were running and some dancing, but only our site was empty and looked
deserted. Some practitioner showed up individually, but we were all
very sad. Tears fell from my eyes: Why are we not allowed to practice
Falun Gong? This is not fair! Later many fellow practitioners were put
in jail.

From then on, I began to do the exercises alone on the school field.
One time I was looking at the sun rising in the east. My hand
subconsciously pointed to the sun. Facing the sun, I solemnly swore: "I
will use my body to validate Dafa." When I do exercises on the field,
there are always teachers and students looking at me, and I would use
these opportunities to tell them about Dafa.

One time, a colleague said to me: "Even if this qigong is good, you should stay home and practice."

I said: "Since you know it is good, you should practice it too!"

Another colleague joked with me that he would go report me and others
were saying things that were slanderous to the Master, as what they
heard on TV. I immediately began to clarify the truth and tell them
about the lies made up by the CCP. That was the first time I talked so
boldly and confidently, the first time I made other people have nothing
to respond with, and the first time I felt so strong and righteous.
Just like this, I clarified the truth along with doing the exercises.
My body got completely healthy and all my colleagues say that I got
much better. For everyone who had seen me before all say that I have so
much spirit now. When I spread the Fa to them, they totally believe
what I say. They want to learn but are too afraid.

When I hold Zhuan Falun,
I feel so delighted that I can hardly put it down. As I read it, my
eyes are getting more and more clear. Every time when I encounter
tribulations, Master only lets me pass the test after I become
enlightened to the Dao. No matter, big or small tribulations, when I'm
still confused, Master will not let me pass it. Each time, not until my
xinxing is improved and I have enlightened to the Dao, will Master let
me pass the tribulation. Thinking back, so many times, due to my
attachments, I got overconfident and thought of myself to be always
right, and therefore did things wrong and caused many difficulties. So
many times I've done wrong things because I was not searching within
but was blaming others. So many times what I've done has caused bad
consequences that could not be redeemed. In this human world, who can
be like our compassionate Master, who patiently tells us the principles
and is really for our good? There have been none. Gradually, in my
heart, there is only Dafa and the compassionate and great Master.

Some people say that to cultivate, one has to suffer so much. For
instance, sitting in the lotus position is very painful and they cannot
bear it. Actually, we talk about suffering, but it's actually not that
bad because, again and again, we've overcome the difficulties and
gotten through. We talk about how difficult it is to cultivate, but
it's actually not that difficult, as long as we keep Master's Fa in our
heart. Without Master's Fa, we wouldn't be able to endure tribulation.
We wouldn't be able to become enlightened to the Dao. All we could do
would be backing off from the tribulations. When we encounter any
tribulation that we cannot pass, as long as we calmly study the Fa, the
tribulation will be overcome without our even noticing it. I've
experienced it many times. With attachments one cannot pass the
tribulations. Only when we let go of these attachments and study the
Fa, could we pass the tribulations. We must put ourselves as
cultivators all the time.

Master's Dafa is "Fa cultivates practitioners." At any time and for
anything we do, we must let go of the attachment of doing things, and
let our mind be on the Fa. Then the effect of the things we do will be
very good. If we have the attachment of "I must do this thing well,"
get worried, and constantly think about the results, then we can never
do things well. Gradually, in my mind there is only the Fa. There is
only my appreciation to Master that cannot be described with words.
Whatever I do, without my even noticing or thinking about it, it always
ends up being very good. Wherever I go, I spread the Fa there, and I've
never had any trouble.

Since April of 1999 when I obtained the Fa, in the process of
cultivating Dafa, my children have seen my changes and improvements. At
the same time, they are changing and improving, too. My son who has a
doctoral degree in medicine, my daughter who is an accountant, and the
other daughter who is a kindergarten teacher, have all been convinced
by Master's Fa and are filled with admiration. They felt fortunate that
their mom is a Dafa disciple, so that they had chance to learn about
Dafa, which helped them to break away from the "party culture." Master
has not only saved the Dafa disciples, but also Dafa disciple's family.
Master has saved the entire human population and the world!

Heshi to the Master! Greeting to the Master!

Translated from: http://zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2007/5/13/43832.html

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