Renewing Memorizing the Fa

Xiao Mei

PureInsight | May 20, 2007

Today is May 11, 2007 and it is sunny.

When I wrote the title of this article, I had a feeling that I have let
Teacher down. How can I recite the Fa from memory when I feel like it
and don't do it when I don't feel like it for such a precious Fa?

I look at my record of reciting the Fa from memory and found March 20
was the last time I recited the Fa. Almost two months has gone by. My
state of cultivation hasn't been good for the last two months. I
listened to Teacher's lectures on my MP3 player on my way to and from
work, but it is not as attentive as reciting the Fa. Today I used an
opportunity to recite the Fa again when I went to visit a place for my

"Everyone knows that in addition to this xinxing standard, a
practitioner's gong is cultivated through suffering numerous lifelong
tribulations and experiencing difficult environments. It is therefore
extremely precious. Eight-tenths of this precious matter is used to
substantiate his paradise. Therefore, when he succeeds in cultivation
in the future, he will get whatever he wants just by holding out his
hands, and he will have anything he desires. He can do anything he
wants, and there is everything in his paradise. That is his mighty
virtue that is cultivated through his own suffering." (From "The
Placement of the Mysterious Pass," Zhuan Falun)

As I repeatedly recited this paragraph from memory, a solemn feeling
involuntarily arose deep in my mind. What a remarkable and outstanding
realm! Isn't reaching consummation the goal of many cultivators who
have searched arduously throughout  the ages? Ten years ago,
Teacher gave me this Dafa to let me return to the glorious place I was
from. He has endured hardships for me and eliminated my karma, but I
still do not treasure the opportunity to be a disciple.

Whatever has gone by is gone. It is no use to just repent. Teacher
doesn't want to see his disciples just be repentant and not do well
again. From now on, I will do the three things well and begin
memorizing the Fa again.

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