Walk the Last Portion of Our Path Righteously

PureInsight | May 20, 2007

[PureInsight.org] When I was a
seventh grader, I could see with my celestial eye. One day in 1989, I
saw Master and a golden shiny Falun with my third eye.  From that
time I began to search for Master. I finally had the book Zhuan Falun, found Master, and cultivated in Dafa.

I wanted to share my experiences on the path of validating Dafa with
fellow practitioners. It can serve as a reference for others and also
is a way to validate Dafa. Practitioners with their third eyes open
will experience something different. Thus, fellow practitioners should
take the Fa as our Teachers.


1. Walk the Last Portion of our Path Righteous Without Omission  

I have walked safely on the path of validating Dafa and saving sentient
beings for many years. I have maintained my righteous thoughts when
clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings under Master's
enlightenment and protection. For cultivators, it is an honor to have
this rare opportunity to obtain Dafa. The Fa-rectification has reached
its last stage, and we should be stricter with ourselves and make use
of our time to walk the last portion of our journey righteously.

However, cultivating among the ordinary people, we can easily affected
by human notions and sentimentality. My not so righteous thoughts and
my attachment to time, or the notions that I am too tired, give too
much, need a rest or that the Fa-rectification should be over often
came to my mind. At that time, my mother was not a practitioner yet,
and I worried about her future.  As a result, the evil forces took
my gaps as an excuse to interfere with me.  They pressed me down
with a mountain of karma. However, this mountain could only press the
body in the surface dimension but not my microscopic body. When I
immediately sent forth righteous thoughts to negate this test, they
backed off. The next day, they used my sentimentality toward my mother
as an excuse and pressed a black mountain against my mother.  Her
room smelled foul and awful.  My mother became swollen rapidly and
continued to enlarge, and soon she was having difficulty breathing. She
was taken to the hospital immediately for emergency care.  The
hospital issued us a critical condition notification. I recognized that
it was the persecution from the evil forces. When I sent forth
righteous thoughts to disintegrate them, the Falun emitted circles of
golden light and cleansed the environment.  My mother's condition
stabilized. When I felt somewhat relieved, the hospital sent me another
the critical notification again. After two weeks, my mother was not
getting better. During that time, I had to run back and forth to the
hospital every day. In addition, the financial burden of staying in the
hospital, my job, and all kinds of matters from daily living worried
me. I kept thinking that I had no time to validate Dafa and save
sentient beings and that I had negated the interference from the old
forces and why had my environment not been rectified?

Once I came home at midnight, I saw a huge divine being staring at me
and watching all my thoughts and actions.  I was alarmed and
wondered why there was such interference. It must be my omissions and,
at times like this, time was worth more than gold and I should not be
so passively trapped in the confusing mess created by the old forces. I
started to study the Fa diligently and looked within. I finally found
the cause. Master warned us in the Teaching the Fa in the City of Los
Angeles, "I hope everyone will do better and better at the end. Be sure
not to become lax. You must not slack off, and you must not become
apathetic." That was my biggest omission: Becoming lax, slacking off,
and being apathetic. I gradually became clear-headed, and calmed down
to meditate. While I was doing the big hand sign, I saw Master coming
from afar on a lotus block. With one sweeping hand from Master, the
humongous black mountain and the gods from the old universe all
disappeared. The following day, I went to see my mother at the hospital
and asked her to recite "Truthfulness, compassion, forbearance is good
and Falun Dafa is good, and let Master be in charge of everything." My
father said that he saw a great enlightened being smiling at him, and
he felt at ease and calm.  He told me, "I'll take care of things
in the hospital, and you can go and mind your own affairs."

Only when we have righteous thoughts and righteous actions, become
selfless, and have no omissions, can we truly change ourselves from our
essence and we can then walk from being a human to godhood.  When
I could wholeheartedly walk on the path of Fa-validation, my heart was
filled joy and knew that is my wishes and the purpose of my existence.
Meanwhile I looked at my celestial body in a different dimension
becoming larger and larger with shinning golden lights.  Four days
after that, my mother's tumor became much smaller. By the time it was
surgically removed, it had shriveled to almost nothing. Group after
group of doctors found it hard to understand and mysterious. Three days
later, my mother was out of the hospital and all the interference was
removed.  The battle between the good and the evil resulted from
my lack of righteous thoughts. After I measured everything against the
Fa and walked my path righteously, Master rescued me from my
tribulation with boundless compassion.  Thus, I was back to the
godly path of Fa-validation.

The matter with my mother also provided me with many opportunities to
clarify the truth to ordinary people. When our friends and relatives
came to visit my mother at the hospital, it was easy for me to ask them
to quit the party and its affiliated organizations. My mother also told
them that our Master saved her.  The miracle of Dafa had
enlightened many predestined people and even the stubborn ones ran out
of things to say. When we offered them Dafa amulets, they accepted
gladly. Two Party members agreed to quit and my parents both started
practicing Falun Gong.

There are many bad elements from the old universe embedded in the
surface levels before people assimilate to Dafa. Only when we can do
the three things well, strengthen our righteous thoughts, and eliminate
the acquired human notions, can we quickly walk out the human world and
the warped old universe.

2. Apply our Supernormal Capabilities to Eliminating Alienation and Saving Sentient Beings

Before I practiced Dafa, I had predestined relationships with people
who practiced other qigong or religions.  Once the process of
Fa-Rectifications started, those beings should also be saved, because
they also come for Dafa. The existences of their celestial bodies also
depend on their one notion in this world.

One day, a friend of mine called and asked me to attend a gathering. I
immediately sensed that it was a wonderful opportunity to clarify the
truth to them. There were cultivators from more than ten schools and
everyone had condensed elements in their own dimension. The size of the
room was not very big, but the environment was very complicated. Layer
after layer of element and beings gather in the dimensions above us.
They talked about how to pursue supernormal capabilities, how to cure
illnesses, and various cultivations systems of the past as well as
stuff not too righteous. When I started to clarify the truth about
Dafa, the demons controlled a few of them and interrupted my talk. And
other people seemed like being isolated by a glass wall, so they
appeared to be indifferent.  I quickly sent forth righteous
thoughts with my palm up. The room turned very quiet and all the demons
and black minions were disintegrated by numerous Falun and soon
disappeared completely. Meanwhile I saw Master's law body was right
above us and the field was immediately rectified.

After that only my sound of clarifying the truth echoed like thunder
from far away, penetrating time and space to the deepest part of their
thoughts.  There was a huge Falun rotating above the room and it
sucked away the black smoke that came out the top of everyone's head.
Meanwhile there was a huge Falun rotating from the bottom of the room
toward the top. Some people in the room saw the bright light filling
the room, and others felt the earth moving. Thus, everyone listened
quietly for two hours and learned the truth, gained understanding of
the rectification of the universe, and knew the principles of the
mighty Dafa.  When they were about to leave, they had respect in
their hearts for Dafa and ways to keep in touch with me so I could
continue to clarify the truth and to save them when the next
opportunity came.

When I returned home that day, I saw countless divine beings coming
from other dimensions. Some even came with many other beings behind
their backs to express their thanks and they left after sending
greetings.  The divine beings in Heaven all know about Dafa
disciples, and they do not treat us like ordinary people. Dafa
disciples shoulder the trust and expectation of countless beings. If we
don't do well, many beings will be eliminated.

Sometimes, Buddhas and Taos come to see me.  Sometimes, some of
them came direct to talk to me because their kings are still in the
human world and wish to be saved. On one occasion, while I was
meditating, I followed them to another dimension. It was dark and grey
over there and even the light they emitted was dim. After I clarified
the truth to their kings, I saw the corresponding gods elevating to a
higher celestial body in a different dimension.   

While I was looking for predestined people to clarify the truth, I
found out that some people had supernormal capabilities and the
enlightened beings in those religions were still watching over them.
Those people also knew that the enlightened beings were watching over
them. The biggest barrier was that they could not see the
Fa-Rectification in the universe. Meanwhile these enlightened beings
reassured them that they could reach consummation. Therefore, they
rejected Dafa and were not willing to listen to the truth.

I understood the root cause of the interference while clarifying the
truth to them after the publication of Master's article "Disintegrate
Completely All the Meddling Deities in the Three Realms that Have a
Hand in Interfering with Fa-Rectification." It is necessary for Dafa
disciples to use their supernormal capabilities from cultivation in
Dafa to eliminate the meddling deities.  One time, I met with a
few of my friends and, after a few minutes of small talk, I expressed
that I was a Dafa disciple and held my palm up to clear away those
meddling deities. After that, they started to listen to my truth
clarifying: I got rid of their mental blocks first and then clarified
the truth about the persecution.  It was quite effective. I also
smelled a light fragrance filling the air and saw celestial maidens
spreading flowers.  People with their celestial eyes open could
see that Master's law body was sitting above us in that room and, in a
different dimension, Master was planting Faluns and mechanisms for
people. Some people said that they wanted to give up their original
qigong system and practice Falun Dafa when the Fa was rectifying the
human world.  I could also witness when Master decided to be
responsible for them, then their bodies were covered with an
exceedingly high light column and they would be the next group of

3. Purify Myself and Validate Dafa Selflessly

As my path of validating Dafs became broader, the size of my celestial
body became bigger. Slowly I became complacent. During the process of
validating Dafa, I unintentionally validated myself. As a result, the
old forces immediately found an excuse and filled my environment with
high density materials.  My ability was thus greatly reduced and I
failed many times to clarify the truth effectively.  Those gods
from the old universe told me that since I was doing all this, I should
carry the total responsibility. I realized that something was wrong and
started to correct my mistakes.  Dafa disciples validating the Fa
is a necessity for the Fa-rectification, the choice of the universe,
and the results of Master's assistance, but validating ourselves is a
different matter.  Slowly, my thoughts began to purify and the
dense materials disintegrated and were assimilated into my celestial
body to be utilized.  Master quickly gave me an opportunity to
make up for my inadequacy when I went to clarify the truth to a friend
who practiced Tantrism. When I could let go of my selfishness and
clarify the truth from the Fa, all their Masters from above came to
listen and made changes. After I finished, their masters left
respectfully. With the help from our Master, the righteous field was so
effective that my friend became a practitioner.

When Fa-Rectification requires us to clarify the truth and save
sentient beings, the old forces are not happy. As a result, they
interfere with us whenever we have omissions. Dafa disciples with
righteous thoughts and actions have had very little interference from
the old forces. Consequently, whenever they clarify the truth, they get
better results.

During the process of Fa-validation, we are being tested for whether we
solidly study the Fa or validate the Fa from the standpoint of the Fa.
To study the Fa well is the most fundamental matter. The more we
understand the principles of the Fa, the more righteous power we get
from Dafa when we are saving sentient beings. With groups of people,
even though we do not clarify the truth to save them, the power of Dafa
is working effectively and the Falun can rectify abnormal conditions.
As long as our thoughts are righteous, everywhere we go will carry the
effect of validating Dafa. Many plants, statues and other items know
Dafa disciples are coming when we are in front of them. In my mind I
ask them to say "Truthfulness, compassion, forbearance is good," and
"Falun Dafa is good," with me.  Their main spirits will say it and
change at the same time.  Some names of divine beings and Taos or
objects being used for a righteous purpose were also receiving
blessings. I saw them entering into a colossal celestial body and
becoming a part of it, with continuing elevation, they became
protective gods or full- fledged gods. I think that they probably came
to this dimension for the purpose of being utilized by Dafa disciples
and then assimilated to the Fa.

Everything comes from Dafa, and everything we have is a gift from Dafa.
Let's walk the last portion of our path righteously, assimilate to
Dafa, and do the three things well until we reach consummation.

Translated from: http://zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2007/5/10/43778.html

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