Cultivation Diary: Cultivating Continuously

Chiao May

PureInsight | May 28, 2007

[] May21, 2007, today is a fine, cool day.

In the past few day, I have been out of town on business trip and not
able to live my life as usual. Consequently, I did not keep up my diary
about my thoughts. Actually every day is so different.  Not only
are the events different but, also, my xinxing is changing all the
time. Sometimes it improves but it can also come right back down. My
thoughts are the same way. I may be clear-headed or muddle-headed, from
one moment to another. It is very obvious that the closer to the end,
the more careful I should be. Every little gap can be magnified by the
evil.  Therefore, I need to study the Fa diligently.

Often after I have been through a lot of hardships, I become very
level-headed, perform well, am filled with inspiration, and get along
well with everyone. I feel that there are no more trials. Moments like
this make me relax, but suddenly the conflicts are back out of the
blue. If I could recognize that for a cultivator every moment in this
world is for cultivation, I would not be confused or let the demon
nature mess up my affairs.  Even though I gain the understanding
quickly, there are negative sides that damage my righteous thoughts and
righteous belief. "How can I cultivate like this? After everything good
is gone, can I still continue to cultivate?"

After I calm down, I look within.  Deep down in my heart, there is
something hidden.  That is my mentality of "completely resolved it
once and for all" coming from laziness. After a period of hardships, I
want to relax and feel like that nothing else needs me to cultivate
about it.  At that instant, I can be easily interfered with. 
Now I realize that, in this secular world, while I am carrying so much
karma, there is no way I can say that I do not have much to cultivate.
Just this notion alone, I should continue to cultivate.

To be able to elevate in the Fa is so wonderful. However, I often
forget that, from the beginning to the end, there is the presence of
trials and tests during the course of cultivation. I am gradually
strengthening my righteous belief toward Master and the Fa.  In
the Canada Conference, Master's greetings cleared my confusion. All my
trouble resulted from the fact that I did not study the Fa diligently
and the progress I made before no longer meet the requirements of the
present time.

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