My Thoughts on Demons

Mei Yu

PureInsight | May 31, 2007

[] Whether you
are afraid of demons or not, you are most likely going to encounter
them. Only if you negate their existences and deny their presence can
you attack and disintegrate them.

Demons are alive and stay in another dimension. They see our every notion very clearly:

------Are you afraid of me? I need to get rid of your fear and I have to come.

------Are you not afraid of me? I have to defeat you, not only I am coming, but more often.

-----Are you negating me? What am I supposed to do then? Even if I
come, I can not do too much to you.  I better go somewhere else.

---- Do you want to disintegrate me? I better run away, otherwise, I may not be alive.

Demon runs off, but not too far, and it is still watching you:

----He is happy when I am gone. I need to go back and help him to get rid of his zealotry.

----When I hesitate to leave, he is suspicious and anxious.  Well,
I am not going yet and he still has the attachment to pursuit.

Demons like to bring a lot of hardships to cultivators.

Whether we are going to encounter demonic interference or not depends
on our notions. If we do not know the Fa principles well, demons will
bring us endless tribulations. We must be clear-headed that we are
neither here to suffer demonic interference nor to cultivate away our
demonic interference.  We are here to validate Dafa and save
sentient beings.  With righteous thoughts in our hearts, when we
walk on the path that was arranged by our Master, we can disintegrate

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