Heaven's Destruction of the Chinese Communist Party Is Imminent

Zhang Yuliang

PureInsight | May 28, 2007

[PureInsight.org] As it was
performing around the world, the Divine Performing Arts troupe brought
the real Chinese divine culture to the people of the world. It also
touched the hearts of many people, both Chinese and non-Chinese. The
reason is very simple. Humans are created by gods; they are not turned
into humans from monkeys. When the real divine culture appeared in
front of people's eyes, the true meaning of being human, and the real
goals for coming to this world, will all be touched deep in the
audiences' hearts. Many of them could not help but let tears fall from
their eyes. They don't know how many worldly stains these hard-earned
tears have washed off, and how much time in the cycles of reincarnation
they've spent in waiting for them!

If one wants to uncover the evil nature of something, the best way is
to let the evil expose itself. For something that attacks the good must
be evil. After attempting to oppress the Divine Performing Arts' shows
around the world with all it could, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)
sent a letter to the Chinese Dancers Association and, again, did all it
could to slander and defame the New Tang Dynasty Television (NTDTV)
International Chinese Classical Dance Competition, which will be held
in New York City, USA in July of this year.

Why would the CCP again and again attempt to impede and ruin the
efforts of overseas Chinese people to spread Chinese culture? Mao
Zedong once said: "For things that are beneficial to the CCP, we must
tolerate them shamelessly; but for things that are unfavorable to the
CCP, we must be absolutely ruthless." Let's take a look at the real
Chinese culture presented by the Divine Performing Arts group. From
"Creation," in which the Buddhas and Gods are coming down to the world
to save people, to "Loyalty of Yue Fei" and "Hua Mulan," in which
loyalty and filial devotion are promoted, as well as "To the Rightful
Place" in which the evil police who persecute practitioners with
righteous beliefs were punished by lightning, all these are exactly
opposite to the "party culture," which advocates atheism and uses lies
and violence to rule the Chinese people. If the CCP would allow things
that are disadvantageous to its survival, it would be totally strange!

This open letter to the Chinese Dancers Association says that the NTDTV
"uses culture as the name but what it does is anti-China". The term
"anti-China" actually could come out of the CPP's mouth. This really is
quite surprising. Let's look at what the CCP means by "China."

For 5000 years, the Chinese divine culture has taught the Chinese
people to be respectful to heaven and the divine beings. This included
being so considerate as to put oneself in the place of others, to know
the rites, upstanding ethics, honor and shame, and to know the
principle of carefully attending to the funeral rites of parents,
following them with due sacrifices. However, that China, with all its
civilization and culture, was gone. After the CCP destroyed
Confucianism and other Chinese culture, and after the Great Cultural
Revolution, not only were the ancient buildings and other structures,
cultural relics, paintings, calligraphy and other valuable cultural
treasures all destroyed, but also the morality of not performing evil
deeds, the responsibility of remembering one's origins and to be
respectful to the ancestors, were all totally destroyed under the CCP's
advocacy of atheism and its violent orders to destroy the ancestors'
memorial tablets. As one can see, it's obvious that what the real
anti-Chinese culture force is.

So now the CCP must not dare to say that this "China" means Chinese
culture. Then maybe it means the 1.4 billion Chinese people. But since
CCP was established, over those several decades, it has brutally killed
80 million Chinese people. The people who were killed by the CCP way
outnumber the Chinese people who were killed by the Japanese during
World War II. Even for "June 4th," a movement in favor of
democracy started by some young university students, the CCP used tanks
and machine guns and killed several thousand students! For this regime
that kills Chinese people, that kills its own people with no mercy,
perhaps it doesn't dare to say that by "China," they mean Chinese

Since "China" does not represent Chinese culture or Chinese people, it
could only refer to the People's Republic of China or the Chinese
Communist Party. However, with respect to this brutal regime, why would
one not be against it? Even Heaven is about to punish it and destroy
it. So for us who are against this red wolf that is wearing "China" on
the outside but persecutes Chinese people, isn't it a great thing to be
against it?

It is actually an action of great wisdom, great compassion, and great
courage. Bringing back Chinese people's self-confidence and dignity to
where they should have them and reviving the real Chinese divine
culture would show great wisdom. Saving the countless Chinese people
who are being persecuted now, and saving our decedents who will
eventually be oppressed, so that the Chinese people can be away from
disaster and have real freedom without fear would be great compassion.
Not being afraid of the CCP's violence and force, helping arrange
things to accord with heaven's will and people's minds, and using the
method of asking people to quit the CCP to accelerate its destruction
would be great courage.

Since the Divine Performing Arts announcement, the NTDTV International
Chinese Classical Dance Competition continues to receive a high level
of attention from all the Chinese people around the world. This event
will keep spreading Chinese art and culture, and the Chinese dances
will be shown on the world's stage. And it has again led the CCP to
automatically expose its evil itself. From this we can see, if it's not
that the CCP is running out of schemes, it must be that Heaven's
destruction of the CCP is coming soon.

Translated from: http://zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2007/5/4/43650.html

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