Recollections from Master's Teaching the Fa in Ling Yuan

Tong Yu

PureInsight | June 14, 2007

[] I am a very
fortunate person to have attended the Fa teaching class by Master in He
Fei, Anhui Province. After that, Master responded to an invitation to
come to Ling Yuan in Liaoning Province to teach the Fa. Here are
several things that happened before and after Master's teaching the Fa
in Ling Yuan.

1. I met Master before I started cultivation

One day in June 1993, the weather was very hot and I was loosening the
soil and applying fertilizer to sunflowers in a field on a mountain.
Lifting my head, I saw a person who was wearing a practice suit and a
straw hat walking towards me. Back then, I already felt the impressive
appearance of this person and sensed that he was a cultivated man of
superior attainment. When he came up to me, the words slipped out of my
mouth: "Master, where are you going?" The person said: "What a hardship
you are suffering!" I said: "Master, there is an empty field there,
please do some planting there." The person said: "If I plant, I will go
to higher place to do it." When I lifted my head again, the person of
superior attainment disappeared and was nowhere to be seen.

At the end of September, 1993, I saw the news from "The Chinese Sports
Journal" that Falun Gong, a qigong directly under the Chinese Qigong
Research Institute, would have its 14th class session in Beijing on October 8th.  I hurried to Beijing on October 7th.
Because assemblies were not allowed in Beijing at that time, the class
session was cancelled. Practitioners from outside of Beijing all hoped
to meet with Master and tried to arrange meetings with staff members,
but failed. Master then asked the staff to distribute China Falun Gong
to the practitioners from outside of Beijing. I opened the book and saw
Master's picture. He was exactly the person of superior attainment I
had met on the mountain. I actually met with Master before I started

2. Master knows our wishes

On November 21st, 1993, I attended the Fa teaching class
Master held in He Fei. Master taught nine sessions and I listened to
his teaching very carefully. When each lesson was finished, I always
felt that I had listened to the teaching somewhere before. During the
class, some practitioners requested to take pictures with Master and
Master agreed. I heard that Master was going to use the lunchtime to
have pictures taken with practitioners, I stayed near the information
desk with my eyes staring at the staircase. In a moment, I saw that
instead of from staircase, the tall figure of Master came down from a
remote dimension in the universe to the information desk in just one
step and then he walked to the side of practitioners step by step like
an ordinary person. I felt that Master was so compassionate and great.
I said only one sentence: "master has come."

During the classes, several of us wrote a letter to Master, expressing
our wish to have Master come to Ling Yuan to teach the Fa. On the last
day of the class session, we heard that Master was going to have dinner
at a restaurant, so we went there to wait for Master. Somebody said:
"Master is waiting for you." We hurried to Master and looked at Master
with sincerity. I felt deeply in my heart that this was the Master I
was looking for. Master kindly asked us: "Do you have a place? Are the
officials supportive? If you have two hundred people, Master will make
use of the Chinese New Year vacation time to teach a class." We
answered that was no problem and Master satisfied our wish!

3. Master is compassionate and finally came

On February 20th, 1994, Master came to the Ling Yuan Steel Company by
bus and held the Fa teaching class in the Ling Yuan Steel Company's
Workers' Culture Center on the 21st. More than eight hundred people
from Shandong, Beijng and Jilin attended the class.

Master's life was simple and thrifty. He stayed in the guesthouse at
the Ling Yuan Steel Company. We had arranged a better room for Master,
but Master only stayed there for one night before moving to a simpler
one and he paid everything by himself. I was taking care of food
arrangements for Master and his staff. Master ate the same thing as the
others without accepting any special treatment.

Master was responsible for all the practitioners who came to the class
and all the students were registered with the help by staff members. In
the morning of the first class, Master pointed out two people saying
that they did not meet with the requirement for taking the class and
told his staff to refund their tickets. It turned out that one of them
had mental illness and the other was practicing another qigong to the
extent that he had become muddle headed.

On February 28th, 1994, Master's teaching at Ling Yuan was completed with success. In Ling Yuan, Master left a precious poem for Dafa disciples:

Clear Harmony

With Zhen Shan Ren nestled in the heart,

Cultivating oneself, in turn, betters society.

With Dafa never out of the mind,

Surely you will transcend others in time.

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