Cultivate my Heart Solidly

Rong Xin

PureInsight | June 28, 2007

[] I always know
that I have not cultivated solidly, but I have not really figured out
my root cause. After reading Master's "Fa Teaching at the 2007 New York
Fa Conference," I found the answer. Master said, "If you say that you
really can't [stop working], then it's okay for you to continue with
your work and make it up later. But that said, when Dafa disciples
around the world send righteous thoughts together at the same time, the
power is boundless. So, if each person had been able to handle this
matter with very strong righteous thoughts and been doing it very well
from the beginning, then perhaps there would be no evil remaining now.
It's precisely because many practitioners have been interfered with by
one thing or another that it hasn't been done well."

I often missed the times for sending righteous thoughts globally.
Sometimes, I could not get up early in the morning and sometimes I went
to sleep early and missed the one at night or I was doing something
else. However, I rarely made it up later and only thought about that I
should not miss the next time. This time when I read the lecture, I
found those words, "make it up later," much bigger, and I was thus
being reminded. For me, sending righteous thoughts globally is
something that I can do it or not do. I believe that such a notion has
helped to nurture the evil forces. I understand now that to make it up
later is how we can make it right. I should not make the same mistake
and let it go again.

I have noticed my careless heart and my negligence toward my
responsibility. I believe that I am only a follower of Dafa: If I did
not study the Fa today, I can study tomorrow. If I did not have time to
clarify the truth, I can do it later when I have the opportunity. I
spend a lot of time reading the book, but the result has a lot more to
be desired. I realize that I have taken studying the Fa to be a formula
for a bright future and a better life. When I think further, I
recognize that this is taking advantage of Dafa. I always pay attention
to the progress of all Dafa projects and the Fa-rectification. Now I
know that I want to be cleaned in the Fa, but I do not want to look
within when conflicts appear. After pondering again, I realize that
this is just like what the old forces have been doing: They are using
Dafa to get what they want. And I harbor such a notion which is so
disrespectful to our Master!

In "Pass the Deadly Test," Master said, "Cultivation is a serious
matter. If you keep harboring fears like this, when are you going to
stop being held back by fear? To those students in particular who have
been covering up all of these things and have seemingly acted better
than most other students, if you don't let go of this attachment, stop
your sinful behavior, and get rid of your fears, then no matter how
many Dafa disciples' things you do, you are doing them to cover things
up. If you let go of these sins that you have been carrying around and
suppressing inside and you make your way back, then everything you do
will be clean and part of a Dafa disciple's cultivation."

When I read "Pass the Deadly Test" before,  I felt that it was
talking about me. However, it was my human notions that prevented me
from digging out the root cause. In the past several years, I
experienced misery and it was not from cultivation but, instead, from
the fact that I did not really obtain the Fa and was not able to
enlighten to the deeper meanings behind the Fa. Now I know that I was
being disrespectful to the Fa and separated from the Fa.

Today, I deeply realize that no matter how many Dafa activities I do
and how often I read the book, it will not be useful and it will only
be covering up, unless I pay attention to my heart. If I want to be
liberated from the old universe, I must solidly cultivate my heart
according to Master's requirements. Ootherwise I am only fooling myself.

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