An Authentic Record of Retribution: A Vicious Doctor Suffered Retribution

Compiled by Xiaohui

PureInsight | July 8, 2007

[] In the Qing
Dynasty (1644-1911 A.D.), there was a doctor in Nanpi County. He
specialized in treating skin ulcers and had very sophisticated skills,
but was very greedy. He would secretly use toxicants on the patients
and worsen their conditions unless they had paid him the amount of
money that he desired. Otherwise, he would even put the patients to
death in this way. Moreover, the other doctors could not do anything
about it because his medical skills were very secretive. Therefore
seriously ill patients had to wait to die.

Suddenly one day, his son was killed by the stroke of lightning. The
doctor was safe and sound, but nobody went to see him again. Some
people said, "He suffered retribution because of his bad medical
ethics." But some argued, "It is he who did a lot of bad deeds who
should be punished. Why his son? Isn't it unfair?"

As a matter of fact, the heavens exert punishment following certain
rules: One will not have his wife or children implicated if his sins
had not intensified to the extreme; one will not have had his offspring
implicated if his quality has not deteriorated to the very end. Having
him lose his son is to warn him the seriousness of his sins, and
keeping him alive is to give him a chance to reproduce future

(From: Ji Yun's Story Sketches Written in Yuewei Humble Cottage, Volume I, in Qing Dynasty)

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