Right and Wrong are Carried Forward as Predestination from a Previous Life


PureInsight | July 20, 2007

[PureInsight.org] My memory of him is so profound, even thou he left me a long time ago. I was only thirteen years then.

For a long time, my memory of him was the most tender in my heart. The
expression in his eyes and his words I can still remember clearly.

I remember he would hold me in his arms and carry me around in the room
every time we met. He always did his best to satisfy my demands if they
did not exceed what was proper. He would wash my feet and took me to
see movies.

After he was gone, no one ever treated me like him. My longing for him
became greater and greater as time went by so that I was always in

Not long ago, I met a cultivator who would listen to me with patience.
Although he didn't say much, his words touched my heart when he talked.
So I mentioned him to the cultivator.

He told me this story:

There was a general during a certain dynasty. He was brave and
belligerent and always won victories so that his enemy became
terror-stricken at the news of his coming. Although he didn't have any
malicious intent in dealing with others, but because he was young and
arrogant that he always lost his temper and vented his anger on the
people under him. For some reason, one of his entourage was unable to
bear his anger and had an evil thought. The aide leaked military
secrets to the enemy. The general was killed and his enemy hung his
head in the battlefield for a long time.

The aide was remorseful and always went to the general's tomb to ask
forgiveness. This person died later from self-reproach and in regret.

I was that general and the aide was him.

I was extremely shocked to hear the story. Right and wrong are carried forward as predestination from a previous life.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2007/7/17/44862.html

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