Stories of Reincarnation: Love is like a Puff of Smoke

Wu Liu

PureInsight | August 15, 2007

[] I recognized
the importance of this story a year ago, but I waited until now to
write it.  The reason is that I was not diligent enough, so I
wanted to use this story to encourage myself and move forward. In
addition, I want to tell my fellow practitioners who are in their
twenties that romantic love in this world is like a puff of smoke and
it is not worth clinging to.

There was a beautiful girl from a well-to-do family. When it was time
for her to get married, her parents introduced many eligible young men
from high society to her, but she refused to accept any of them. One
day, she met someone and knew instantly that he was the one. However,
this young man grew up in a very poor family. His mother brought him up
and took good care of him. He was very nice to his mother and did
everything he could to make her happy. After they got married, she
became dissatisfied with him because he did not know anything else
besides taking care of her. For example, he did not know how to help
her father to manage business or dealing with others or socialize with
people. He followed her every day like a servant, but he did not know
how to flatter her or please her. Slowly she disliked him even more and
treated him badly. Sometimes she beat him and sometimes she would
refuse to let him come into the house. She was still with him only
because he loved her so very much. He lived like that for the rest of
his life.

In a different lifetime, they became man and wife again. However, in
this lifetime, the nice and quiet man turned into a violent alcoholic
and she turned into a gentle and quiet woman. Since she owed him so
much from the previous lifetime, she was paying and suffered a great
deal in this lifetime. Once, he came home dead drunk and not only
verbally abused her but also pushed her to the ground and left. She was
crying in an empty room all by herself.  Even though he was not
kind to her, he still cared about her in his heart. He had a good
relationship with a woman in a brothel. But she was only a geisha girl
who would sing and dance but had no sexual interactions with her
clients. This geisha girl loved him and was not happy that he only came
to see her when he was having trouble with his wife. Therefore, he owed
the geisha girl quite a bit, emotionally, from that lifetime.

In this lifetime, I am the wife in the story and the geisha girl is my
classmate. We have not had a word with each other since school started.
And the man in the story is also my classmate. He and the geisha girl
have a relationship that is not very well defined. And he occasionally
gets mad at me and then calms down again by himself. In the beginning I
was quite confused about his behavior until I understood the stories of
our previous lives.

 I want to tell practitioners in their 20's that the love and hate
relationships of ordinary people come from previous lifetimes. Study
the Fa, walk well on our cultivation paths, and a bright future is
waiting for us!

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