Reincarnation Stories: Life Is Like Passing Clouds

Wu Liu

PureInsight | August 26, 2007

[] Once there
were a little boy and a little girl. They were each other's best
playmate. They played among the flowers in summer time. As time went
by, they slowly grew up. He turned into a handsome, calm, and tolerant
young man. She became a little beauty. Even though every young girl in
town wanted him, he never paid any attention or had any contact with
them. When they were old enough, they were planning to get married.
Their parents wanted to have a huge wedding ceremony for them because
both families were well to do. On the day of their wedding, a group of
bandits came into town. Within a flashing moment, the wedding turned
into a funeral. The parents protected the two children with their lives
and ran off to a remote village. They gave up their fortune and their
names.  From then on, they all lived a very poor life. (I can
clearly see them sitting on the front steps of a run down house
wearing plain and cheap clothes.  The young girl looks very sad
and uses her arm to wipe off the sweat on her forehead.)

After many years, the mayor was interested in the young woman. She knew
the mayor was a playboy, but she was so tired of being poor that she
gave up the young man and became the mayor's concubine.  The young
man did not try to talk her out of it. He understood that she would be
well taken cared of. However, he was hurt emotionally and lived a
lonely life by himself.

After she married the mayor, she was well provided for, but in the
bottom of her heart there was sadness. She started to hoard money on
the side. One day she went to see the young man who still lived in the
old house. She gave him all the money that she saved. He refused to
take it because he had his pride and did not want help from a woman.
She knew that too, so she knelt down with tears in her eyes and begged
him. He could not resist any longer and accepted the money. The young
man was a born merchant. His business was very successful. As a result,
many people were jealous of him and often took him to court.
Fortunately, every time that happened she was able to shield him
because her position.

Many years passed, he became a successful and mature man. He had his
own mansion but his love life was a blank sheet.  Once day he went
out to run errands and saw a woman who seemed to have a
vicissitude-filled life and walked with great difficulty. He recognized
immediately who she was.  When he ran to help her, she was very
pale and about to pass out.  When she regained consciousness, she
realized that she was at his house. She told him that she had a
terminal disease and all she wanted was to see him once before she
died.  She asked him to forgive her for deserting him. With teary
eyes, he said, "I have never resented you for that. Without you, I
would not have what I have today." Perhaps, the following days were the
happiest days in her life. When she was about to die, he held her in
his arms and said, "If there is a next life, I will still love you and
care for you." She died with happy tears in her eyes.

I am the girl in the story. The young man is my friend who has been very nice to me in this lifetime.

Not long ago, I had some emotional disturbance. I recognized that I was
not very diligent. After I studied the Fa, my xinxing elevated and I
gained more understanding. I also was able to see the predestined
relationships from other lifetimes, so I know why things have happened to me.

One time I saw my contract with the old forces regarding my emotional
aspect. As a result, the old forces interfere with me periodically. It
is the old forces that take advantage of my predestined relationship to
disturb me. I definitely cannot consent to that. If I can walk my path
righteously, the best will be waiting for me.

I would like to share with everyone one of Master's poems:

The Difference between a Mortal and an Immortal

What is a human?

Full is he of emotion and desire.

What is a God?

    Human thoughts are nowhere found.

What is a Buddha?

     Benevolent virtue is amply endowed.

What is a Dao?

    A realized being, serene and clear.

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