Witnessing Reincarnation

PureInsight | August 15, 2007

[PureInsight.org] My aunt told
me the following story. She and her husband were then an elderly couple
who had no source of income to support themselves. So they bought two
pigs from the market.  When the pigs gave birth to piglets, they
would sell the piglets at the market for some money.

Several years later, my aunt had a dream. In her dream, two people told
her, "We'll leave soon, as soon as we pay off our debt to you." My aunt
woke up puzzled, "Nobody owes me anything, why would anyone pay
something to me?"

Soon after, each of the two pigs gave birth to another litter of
piglets. In a few days, my aunt dreamed of these two people again. They
told her, "We're leaving. We've paid off our debt." My aunt said, "OK."

The next day, the two pigs stopped eating or drinking as if they were
sick. Both pigs died that night. It was not until then that my aunt
came to realize that these two pigs were reincarnated into pigs in this
life to pay off the debts they had owed from their past lives. She
thought, "Even if you have paid me back, I will sell you."

She and her husband peeled off the pigs' skin, loaded them onto a
tricycle and headed to the township to sell the meat. Because the pigs
died from sickness, she dared not to sell them in the city for fear
that administrators from the Bureau of Animal Husbandry would catch
them. But in the township she was still caught. The administrator told
her, "Please stop selling the tainted meat. I will not fine you because
of your old age. You'd better take them back and bury them."

She went back to her husband and buried the pork. While she was doing
it, she said to herself, "See, after they paid off their debt, I won't
get even a penny more."

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