Reincarnation Series: Learning How to Forgive

Hang Ming

PureInsight | August 12, 2007

[] I know an
American who found out that he was a prime minister in the Ming Dynasty
in his previous life. He was very happy. He also shows a great
appreciation for traditional Chinese culture.

Recently, I received a call from a friend of his who told me that he
was not doing well both physically and emotionally. He wanted to see me
as soon as possible.

I canceled my other engagements with my clients and went to his home in
New Jersey. When my interpreter and I saw him, his was in poor physical
condition. His face was all red. When he walked, he huffed and puffed.
His hands trembled continuously.


He told me that his blood pressure was high. He had severe diabetes and
his blood sugar was uncontrollable. He could not understand why his
ex-wife was hurting him so much and his parents ignored him. He wanted
deep hypnosis to get to the bottom of his entanglement with others, so
that he could deal with his emotional stress.

I comforted him and suggested that he take a bath to relax before we proceeded with the hypnosis.

He went under the hypnosis really fast and he entered Great Britain during the 12th
century. He was a prince and had an older brother and a younger
brother. However, he was brought up by a clergyman in a castle far away
instead of in the palace. His guardian was very loving and sympathetic
toward him.  The guardian took him all over the kingdom and all of
Europe, from one church to another. However, he was deeply aware that
he did not have caring from his own family. They had abandoned him
since his birth. He did not have the honor of being an aristocrat. As a
result, he grew up in depression. He harbored hatred toward his
relatives and he could not get into the palace even when he passed by
it. He could not understand the meaning of his birth or face his life
with a positive attitude and he felt worthless and disheartened.

In that lifetime, his only comfort was his guardian who was very
knowledgeable. He had a very close relationship with him. In his lonely
and hopeless life, he was guided toward a vast spiritual realm. With
spiritual sustenance, he later became a clergyman and an astronomer.

His guardian is also his younger brother in this lifetime. He is a
general and has accomplished quite a bit in the fields of the
strategies of war, arts, history, and literature. Besides, they are
very close and his brother has been very attentive to his needs, both
physically and emotionally.

The king who ignored his existence in the previous lifetime is also his
father in this life. His father let him grow up with grandparents in a
remote village. The same abandonment and aloofness from his father left
him with emotional scars. He has never experienced the love from a
father, so he could not forgive his father.

During the hypnosis, I told him, "You need to learn to forgive your
father and learn to be tolerant because every lifetime is an
opportunity for us to learn something new. Only by doing that, can your
soul mature and can you live a meaningful life. Revenge from one
lifetime to another will limit you and entrap you into a vicious and
never-ending cycle."

He also found out his involvement with his wife in a previous life.
They belonged to different parties   and were political
enemies during the Roman Empire. Their relationship was filled with
distrust, jealousy, and slandering each other. Both of them suffered a
great deal. In this lifetime, they became man and wife, and the same
elements are displayed in their relationship with a lot of finger
pointing. Lifetime after lifetime, karma and retribution go on and on
with no end in sight.

Another interesting thing is that we found the cause of his poor
health. He belonged to the imperial nobility of Great Britain. Because
he was both wealthy and powerful, he did not cherish his life, wealth,
time, and health. He was a playboy and a homosexual, who also loved to
be a drag queen. What a waste of precious time and life!

His depraved lifestyle is the root cause of his poor health in this
lifetime. He showed remorse during the hypnosis that he had not
cherished his life, the precious time, and wealth. Thus, he did not
learn from life and his soul did not mature accordingly. Continuous
learning enables a soul to transcend. And, that is the meaning of life!

Close to the end of the session, he felt that he harbored deep
resentment toward his father and wife. His resentment is the root cause
of his emotional suffering. After he understood his many past lives, he
decided that he must forgive them and love them instead.  He was
able to break away from his entrapment and elevate spiritually. When
there were no signs of resentment, feelings of injustice, and hatred in
his heart but understanding, love, and tranquility instead, all a
sudden, the gate of wisdom seemed to be wide open in front of him.

After the hypnosis, there were noticeable changes in his physical body:
His blood pressure returned to normal and his blood sugar decreased.
His face radiated peace and tranquility and he felt relaxed and
energetic. He told his friend, "It's incredible what hypnosis can do. I
am liberated and relaxed. Besides, I have learned how to love, forgive,
and be tolerant. I can feel the tremendous changes in my body."

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