Karmic Samsara: A Predestined Meeting

Jing Ran

PureInsight | September 9, 2007

[PureInsight.org] It was the
beginning of the year 2003. I was working in an industrial art factory
and learning the workmanship for making necklaces in order to expand
the production runs to massive proportions. Except for the president of
the factory, all the workers were women around 30 years old. The reason
for that was because polishing necklaces required great patience. It
was very hard for younger people to stay still on a chair for long periods of time. So the
factory did not recruit younger women, much less young male workers.

One day there came a young man who was in his early twenties. Many of
my colleagues asked him this or that, seeming to care about him but, in
fact, they were just killing time. "How can they do that?" I was
thinking: "Why don't you just tell him directly that he is not suitable
for this job? What is the point in talking about irrelevant matters?"

Later, when he came to my worktable and observed me working, I told
him: "This is not a job for you and it only pays you RMB300 per month.
I am doing it because I don't have other options. It is not enough for
you to live. Don't waste time here. Go other places to find another
job!" I was very honest with him but he did not seem willing to
leave. We were not impressed with him since we all thought he was not an
ambitious man and no one talked to him since. However, he looked like
nothing had happened and kept observing us working.

Actually I secretly admired his patience, which was the very mental
standard that a practitioner needed. I thought I should not look down on him.
Maybe he was very anxious to have a job since everyone might have hard
times. I gave him a glance when I thought of this and he gently looked
at me as if we knew each other before. He expected that the president
could hire him, since he had been told that the requirement was patience.
Then he was hired. My colleagues sighed for him but did not believe
that he could last long.

However, he did stay even after half a month. Later, the machinery
needed to be dismantled and, since there were no other male workers, he
did all the heavy and dirty jobs. Some people even took advantage of
him and intentionally put the heavier end towards him when they were
carrying the parts. Seeing him so tired, I offered him: "Come join
us!" I never took advantage of him, so he said that I was a very nice
person and called me "sister." In the following days, he waited for me
downstairs and went upstairs with me, which caused gossip among other
people. My colleagues told him that I had a boyfriend already. He said
that he did not have any intention other than wanting to wait for
me.  I was so afraid of misunderstandings by others that I told
him not to wait for me anymore. Till now I understand that he wanted to
hear the truth, which was his nature. After that, he always observed my
behavior. For example, I quietly cleaned the toilet when it was dirty.
Eventually he said to me: "A practitioner is very kind indeed and also
has lots of virtues." I had never spread the Fa to him, however he
already recognized me.

One day he asked me to invite him to have something to eat at my home,
I said there was nothing deliciousreally good to eat at my home, however he was welcome
if he was not fussy. He went and bought some buns and soft drinks. I
knew that he did not have much money.  We ate, drunk and chatted.
He told me that he was an ascetic monk in his previous life who
suffered a lot in order to get real teachings. He felt very confused
and did not get anything in the end. I had a few words with him.

However, the lunchtime was very short and we had to go back to work, so we just ended our conversation there.

The factory declined later on and one day we were dismissed after being
paid. At that time I broke up with my boyfriend, too, and I felt so sad.
It was in winter and we went to my colleague Xiao Feng's home. He waved
the fan trying to make me laugh. Though I was very sad, I was able to
laugh because of him. Xiao Feng and he both consoled me like a brother
and a sister. With their encouragement, I got over it eventually.

Later, I saw his previous life in one of my dreams. He had told the
truth. He was an ascetic monk with an earthen bowl in his hand. He
wandered the world for true teaching and had experienced enormous
hardships. In the end, however, he did not get what he wanted.  He
met me when he was wandering. I invited him to have a vegetarian meal
and we talked a lot. We agreed that I would let him know once I knew
the true teaching. His worried expression was engraved in my mind. Now
it was clear that he remembered that meal and the agreement, so he came
to wait for me in spite of common customs and waited for me to tell him
the truth about Dafa.

I was so moved that I was almost in tears!

When I remembered the agreement between us, I told him that the Falun
Dafa was the righteous Fa and asked him whether he would like to start
Dafa cultivation. He said his family was having difficulties and he would think
about it later.

When it was spring, I started to do some promotion work with a team,
which was promoting a medicine to treat cardiovascular diseases. A
university student, he and I were in a team. We worked very hard and
cooperated very well. Though we didn't make much money, we were all
very happy. When we were working outside, I gave out the product
printouts; however when we worked in the buildings, I would give out Dafa printouts. They understood me well and teased me: "Our
sister doesn't miss anything between work and Dafa." One day I told the
university student that the "self-immolation" in the Tiananmen Square
was a fake, which was directed by the CCP in order to provoke hatred
from people and to maintain the suppression. The girl was so angry that
she kept condemning them. I also recited "The Foretelling" by Master to her:

"Autumn still lingers

yet spring has arrived

What humans doubt

all now comes forth

The sky cracks open

and the earth burns

The evil tries to hide

and the wicked ones to flee

As gong surges forth

evil spirits wail and scream

The Dafa disciples

ascend to the highest heavens

And, presiding over Heaven and Earth,

rectify the human realm."

 I also recited "Foretelling the Fa's Rectification of the Human
World" to them on the street:

"The Fa-rectification moves through the
world, the grand manifestation of Gods and Buddhas unfolds, and all of
the chaotic world's unrighted wrongs and karmic relationships are
settled with benevolent solutions. The ones who do evil against Dafa go
down into the gate of no-life. As for all the others, people's hearts
return to righteousness and they cherish virtue and do good, all the
myriad things are renewed, and every single sentient being reveres
Dafa's saving grace. ..."

When we came to the Jue Yuan Jie (Predestination Ending Street), we
were speechless and looked at each other, holding each other's hands
tightly. I knew the predestined relationship would be finished soon and
I would go to look for other predestined people. Meeting and departing
are always irregular for human beings. We did seaparate soon after that.

When I thought about that, I felt that I should cherish the
relationships more. Also, I should be much more tolerant and
to others. Once a predestined encounter is over it will never come back
and they always happen in such a hurry. The agreement will be only kept
in the vast universe. I hope we will keep our previous agreements and
more sentient beings will be saved.

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