Cultivation Diary: A Present from a First Grader

Xiao Mei

PureInsight | September 16, 2007

[] September 11, 2007.

My daughter asked me once what she was in Heaven. I told her that she was a beautiful little plum blossom who came down with a smile on her face wanting to be a little Dafa disciple. Therefore, I call her a little plum blossom sometimes.

Last week, she became a first grader.  She brought a little paper bag home yesterday.  That was from her teacher.  She was told to put three of her favorite things for show and tell in school. I thought that I had to put something that could introduce Dafa in addition to her baby picture with a boyish smile and a teddy bear.

What should that be? All the Dafa book marks were gone and the Falun emblem pin was a little too complicated for her to explain. I saw a Dafa amulet, but before I mentioned it. She shouted, "What? You want to put something so sacred into an ordinary people's bag! How can that be right?" I was startled, "This little kid understands so much!"

I thought about it and asked, "Do you have a CD player in school?" She said, "Yes."

"How about I burn a CD with Dafa music?"  She was very happy and said, "Yes, yes, yes."

At midnight, I burned a CD with the music Pudu and labelled it Pudu: music of Falun Dafa.

I wrote a short note to her teacher:

Dear Ms. XX,

Here are my daughter's three favorite things:
1.    Her baby picture
2.    Her teddy bear to sleep with every night.
3.    A CD with Falun Dafa music and it is a gift to you and the class. I hope that you and the students will enjoy it.
Falun Dafa is an old cultivation system from the ancient times in China. At the present, there are more than 100 million practitioners and our entire family practices it. Cultivation benefits us and brings us health, happiness, and peace of mind.

Today, our little plum blossom happily told us after school, "Our teacher loves this music so much that she wrote me a card.

I read the thank you card. Her teacher wrote:

Dear Mei Mei:

Thank you so much for the Falun Dafa CD for the whole class
I was listening to this music while I was working. I hope to hear this music for the rest of the year.

Love you!

Meanwhile my husband said to Mei Mei, "Do you know, Mei Mei, this is what makes your mother happy!

He is correct. This little thank you card fills my heart with joy. My daughter asked me often how to save sentient beings. I told her, "All your teachers and students in school are for you to save. When you go to Fahui and parade and pass out truth-clarifying materials, you are saving sentient beings. When I watch my little plum blossom, with such a pure heart, doing the good deed that Master requested us to do, I am indeed very happy.

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