The Beauty of Simplicity

You Qiangui

PureInsight | November 1, 2007

[] I must admit that I earn a lot less now than when I had a 9 to 5 job. However, I am more comfortable and carefree.

My income comes from two main sources: my lectures and my articles.
Both of them depend on others. The majority of the time, I am not in
control. If there is a typhoon, SARS, or some economic bad news, I will
not have a lot of income from these two areas.

I have a lot of inspiration, but I do not write very fast. Therefore,
it takes a while to write and publish a book. The fees I get from books
are also quite low.

I start to think, "What is simplicity?"

I really need to elaborate on this. Some of my friends think that
simplicity means letting go of everything and keeping nothing. In
reality, it means "just a little less." If it is mine, I will keep it.
If it is not supposed to be mine, I will give it to others. I will try
to get what I need even if it takes a lot of effort. If it is not what
I need, it is like a puff of smoke. And that is simplicity.

To make it simple, I should simplify my thoughts. During the day, I do
what I should be doing in daylight and at night I do something
different. When I have energy, I do the chores. When I am tired, I
rest. Things I can do will be completed. Otherwise, I let them go.

There is nothing unfair about life, only different perceptions. A
fortune teller told me once that I was not born under a lucky star and
I would be poor. However, I thought that I am very fortunate. I may be
a little short financially, but I have a lot of free time. "Wealth"
normally goes with "being busy." Good or bad is entirely dependent on
how one thinks.

I do not stress results. Sometimes we are so engrossed in reaching the
destination that we forget to enjoy the beauty of the journey. Life is
a serious of predestined relationships, unions, and separations. If we
don't watch for every opportunity, we may never see the other person

The simple things are the best, and they exist everywhere. For example:

Simple food without preservatives and other seasonings are best for our health.

Natural materials are best for the environment.

Organic produce is better than that grown with chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Cotton is better than synthetic fabric, softer and more comfortable to wear.

The world continues to evolve and we evolve with it. Now is really an
era of simplicity. I choose simplicity instead of complexity, a
different attitude and a different lifestyle.

My life has changed from being chaotic to peaceful. In addition, I have
gained a lot of free time, which is how I can afford to enjoy nature.

For instance, when I wake up in the morning, I get a handful of rice
and a cup of tea ready. I sit in front of the window and wait for the
birds to come. This is the beauty of a simple lifestyle.

When it is raining, I listen quietly to the rhythm of rain drops falling. It is simple and enjoyable.

I listen to the sounds of the wind, the waves in the ocean, and the
gentle brooks. That has become my enjoyment for recent years. As long
as I have spare time, I wander around the mountains and the water.

Life is just this simple and beautiful.

I am not greedy, but I get everything I need.

I like to travel by myself. When I am traveling in a group, I normally
get out the group setting and go my own way. The reason is simple: I
believe that I probably will have this opportunity only once to visit
some place and do not wish to let this predestined chance go.
Therefore, when other people are visiting the shops, I sneak away and
wander by myself all over the place until the time we should be back to
the group again.

Thomas H. Huxley said: "The great end of life is not knowledge but action."

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