Understandings on Being Respectful to Teacher and Dafa after Watching "Teaching the Fa for Australian Practitioners"

A Dafa Practitioner in Mainland China

PureInsight | November 1, 2007

[PureInsight.org] When I watched the "Teaching the Fa for Australian Practitioners" video, I noticed that a lot of practitioners who asked Teacher questions didn't finish their questions before Teacher signaled to them to sit down. There were even cases where Teacher gestured a few times to them to sit down, but they insisted on finishing what they wanted to say. Actually, I realized then that, before they finished what they wanted to say or just as soon as they opened their mouths, Teacher already knew what they wanted to say. From this, the question remains whether a person believes in Teacher or not, whether a person can enlighten to this or not.

According to ordinary people's formalities, this seems to be a trivial detail. But we are not ordinary people, after all. We are practitioners, walking towards great godhood. Whatever Teacher has taught us, we should do. This also shows our attitude about being respectful to Teacher and the Fa.

When I saw that practitioners could not wait for their turn to speak to Teacher, I felt very bad because this showed no respect for Teacher. If they were ordinary persons, maybe we wouldn't need to talk about this. But, if you treat yourself in your heart as a Dafa practitioner, it is not right to do that. It is also an issue of whether one believes in Dafa and enlightens to Dafa or not.

My personal understanding is that we should kneel down to listen to Teacher when Teacher teaches the Fa. We have the chance to be exposed to the immense compassion of the great Fa today and so we can sit down and listen to Teacher's compassionate teaching of the Fa. This is already a greatly compassionate gift to humans from the gods. We should treasure the opportunity to listen to Teacher's lectures.

I am also a veteran practitioner who attended Teacher's Dafa classes in China. I remember that I really wanted to kneel down to listen to Teacher's lecture in the class because it was a great gift from Teacher. Every time Teacher's words solved my confusion, I would immediately heshi. In order to fit in with ordinary people's formalities, I didn't kowtow. I felt I was in heaven at those moments. I felt the nobleness and extraordinariness of listening to the Fa from the Buddha world. I once heard that people with their third eye opened mentioned that all the gods listened to the lecture kneeling down in the class. Dafa practitioners can follow Teacher to rectify the Fa as humans. Please let us treasure this opportunity that comes only once in thousands of years. Let's respect Teacher and respect the Fa.

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