An Uncommon Life

Lin Qingqing

PureInsight | November 4, 2007

[] Ordinary
people desire to live an uncommon life but uncommon people want to live
an ordinary tranquil life. Common people crave personal fame and gain.
But famous people wear sunglasses and disguises to avoid being
recognized when they go out.

People are miserable when they can't get what they want. But when they
get what they want, they have new worries. Isn't this contradictory?
Everyone wants to lead an uncommon life, but what is an uncommon life?
When we think about it calmly, we will realize that an uncommon life is
actually having a cheerful mind  

A few days ago I read about several shocking cases of suicide in a
newspaper. Some people committed suicide because of fame and gain and
some because of sentimentality. People in this vast human world commit
suicide to end their lives and leave behind great sorrow to their
relatives and friends just because they couldn't get what they wanted.
Looking from the angle of a certain religion, the souls of the dead
will always remain in a miserable situation until their predestined
life span ends and they can be reincarnated. How sad it is!

Worldly people consider a successful and glorious career an uncommon
life that everyone tries to find. But many of the so-called uncommon
people often have melancholia. The higher one's desire for material
wealth, the greater the stress. Having a good cup of tea, playing a
game of chess, or listening to an exquisite piece of music seem like an
unrealistic prospects for those uncommon people. One pursues fame and
gain all day long, how can one have time to stop and breathe? One day
when they can no longer keep on going, that's when they fall sick.

Fate seems to decree how much wealth is in one's life. Some think they
can get what they want by trying hard. There is nothing wrong with
trying hard. But one may not get what he wants. It may be that they are
not destined to have it. And there is no need to regret that or to be
miserable. Others may enjoy wealth and a high position, but I enjoy a
leisurely and carefree life. No one loses or wins. Some get plenty of
material wealth, but I gain richness of mind. Both are rich, depending
on how you face the situation and adjust your life accordingly.

An uncommon life is having an uncommon mind that common people do not have.

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