Respecting Others is Not Just a Virtue


PureInsight | November 19, 2007

[] In the fall
after she graduated from the university, the new graduate went to apply
for an overseas marketing job with a multinational corporation. After
several examinations, she became aware that her overall strength wasn't
as good as some of the other applicants and felt she would not be
getting the job.

After the last examination, she walked out of the beautiful office
building with the other applicants and walked on a trail under the
brilliant sun. Several applicants were radiating happiness, but she was
walking by herself behind others feeling depressed.

After walking a short distance, a beggar in rags appeared on the trail
and extended a dirty hand asking for money from these job applicants.

"Go away. Don't come here and spoil the fun," someone said impatiently.
"Stay away, I don't have any money!" one said with disgust. "It seems
an easy way to make money!" another one said sarcastically. Some turned
their heads to one side and quickly dodged away. With compassion, some
threw a dollar or two on the ground and walked away.

Regardless of the various looks and comments, the beggar's face showed indifference.

Stopping in front of the beggar, she smiled and put her hand in her
handbag. But she was embarrassed to find that she had left her purse at
home that morning and couldn't find even a penny.

Being apologetic, she extended her hand and held the beggar's filthy
hand and said with guilt: "Mister. I am so sorry. I forgot to bring any
money with me."

"No, young lady, I will be forever grateful. What you give me is more
precious than money. You are the first person who has cared about my
dignity for a long time." At that instant, tears blurred the beggar's

A week later, she received an employment offer from the company. It was the dream job she had long been looking for.

With reservations, she asked the recruiter why she was selected since
she wasn't the most outstanding person among many applicants. The
person smiled: "You are the most outstanding person for the marketing
position. You may not be so great in other job categories, but the most
important quality of this job is to be respectful of others. You know
how to respect others, regardless of how low their status, and you
still treat the person as an equal. Having respect in one's heart is
more than a virtue.

As a matter of fact, the scene on the trail was painstakingly arranged by the company.

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