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PureInsight | December 3, 2007

[PureInsight.org] The weather
has become pretty cold, yet the scenery is very beautiful. Riding in
the car and looking out, I see leaves of green, yellow and red hanging
on trees of unknown names. Climbing on the cliffs on the sides on
roads, are also ivies with green and red leaves. On the nearby
mountains, yellow and green colors are mingled together. All the colors
are mixed with each other so harmoniously and that naturally makes
people sigh with great feeling about nature's creation.

We are on a trip to the home of a practitioner that lives in this
mountain village. Knowing that we are coming, the fellow practitioner
has waited for us from early in the morning at the village's entrance.
Getting out of the car, we met the practitioner. He is not tall, and
very thin, but he was in a very good spirits with a glow in his face.
Before talking, he smiled, and that made us feel very warm and close.

On the way to his house I asked: "How old are you, grandpa?"

"I will turn 78 years old soon!"

I was greatly shocked. His wife looked at me and said: "This grandpa
has been continuously cultivating according to Dafa. Even during the
several years of the most severe persecution, he didn't stop practicing
the exercises. Don't you see the difference? So, if you want to be
always young, you have to continuously practice! In order to clarify
the truth of Dafa to people, grandpa has been riding his bike to
various villages to pass out truth materials. He has even gone to
places many miles away!"

While talking, we arrived at grandpa's house where several
practitioners from neighboring villages were already waiting. Meeting
with us, everyone was very happy and we shared our own experiences with
each other.

Grandpa said: "People here in countryside go to bed early when winter
comes. There is no light on the streets and it's very dark. But I never
ran into rocks and got tripped somewhere when I went out to distribute
truth materials. Don't you think it's magic? Because I want all the
people to know the truth, I don't want to leave one single house
behind. One family lives on the hill, where it's even hard to climb up
in the daytime. There is no light at night and you don't know where
your feet will land. My wife did not want me to go, but I thought that
wouldn't do and I had to go up. It was really amazing that I didn't
even put forth much effort and got up there. On the way back, after I
had left the materials there, their dog heard the noise and dashed out
towards me. I had no place to hide and ducked down in a hurry. The dog
leaped over my head. It was like in a movie. My wife got scared when I
told her about this and worried whether something bad would happen. I
told her that our practicing Falun Gong was to cultivate a Buddha, so
how could we not have immortals' protections? This was "threatening but
not dangerous." Besides, at my age, if I didn't practice Falun Gong, I
would have died ten years ago. Now, I have become healthy, but Dafa is
being attacked by lies and people are being deceived. How can I not
tell people the truth? This is "returning the grace received!"

A young man over thirty years old said: "The other day, a buddy from
our village stopped me and said: 'If your Falun Gong is really so good,
why don't you dare to give people the truth materials in a noble and
dignified manner during the daytime? Instead, you have to wait until
night and secretly put them on people's doorsteps. I said: 'isn't this
still for your sake? You should feel grateful. We Falun Gong
practitioners are not afraid. Look how evil this party is. It uses the
machinery of the entire nation to persecute Falun Gong practitioners,
defaming their reputations, destroying them financially and killing
their bodies, but have Falun Gong practitioners ever been afraid?
Aren't we practicing as before? Aren't there more and more people
practicing? However, you people are afraid. You fear that the Party
will torment you. We know that when you listen to the evil party's lies
and assist in persecuting innocent people, you will meet retribution.
When you read the materials and know the truth, you have good fortune.
But giving you the materials in daytime, won't you be afraid of
somebody telling on you behind your back and make you suffer? Once you
become afraid, you will follow them and curse Falun Gong. Won't you
have to meet with retribution? So, how can we give them to you in
daytime? We send the materials to your doorstep at night, and you pick
them up quietly in the morning and read carefully. Isn't this better?'
That brother smiled and stopped talking."

Grandpa said: "Before Da Liang (the young man who was talking)
practiced Falun Gong, he was very tough and simply a ruffian. He knew a
little martial arts and would beat up on anybody he felt annoying. He
became better once he started cultivation and knew how to exercise
self-restraint without hitting back when hit and cursing back when
insulted. Often some people will say: "Falun Gong helped us get rid of
a despot in the area!"

Hearing this, Da Liang laughed. After a little pause, he said: "A while
ago, I met the head of the local police station when going to a fair.
This person worked very hard to persecute Falun Gong and all the cases
being sent to detention centers or labor camps in our area are related
to him. When he saw me, he said in a harsh voice: 'You! Are you still
practicing Falun Gong?' I said: 'People like you just bully the weak
and fear the strong. Is it true that you don't know what Falun Gong
really is? You must have been persecuting people against your
conscience! You know how I was before practicing Falun Gong. If you
treated me this way before, I would have beaten you up no matter what
police station head you were. You know that I became better because of
practicing Falun Gong and won't beat on people anymore, so you ...' He
quickly smiled apologetically: 'just joking. I am just joking with
you.' I said: 'People of the evil Party are all like this. If Falun
Gong is xx cult like you said, aren't you afraid that it will take
revenge later? Although Falun Gong neither hits people nor will take
revenge on anyone, good and evil meeting what they deserves is still a
heavenly principle. Heaven won't allow it if you persecute good people.
Don't you see it? The evil Communist Party is going to collapse soon.
Hurry up and withdraw from it, or else you can only become its
sacrificial object.' He nodded repeatedly."

A woman over fifty years old said: "people have become so fearful under
the CCP's persecution. Our practicing Falun Gong and striving to become
better, people who don't bother anybody, but once the evil party
started the persecution, all follow it. Back then in 1999, when the
persecution had just begun, my son listened to the propaganda on TV and
didn't allow me to practice no matter what. As soon as I turned on the
music to practice, he would turn it off. I said to him: 'my son, you
are so muddle headed. Don't you remember how I was before practicing
Falun Gong? I stayed in bed paralyzed for 12 years, while your father
had to earn money and take care of the house at the same time. He was
so busy that no one washed clothes and we never had meals on time. Have
you forgotten all these things? Now I stand up after practicing Falun
Gong and we have a happy family. How good this is! How can you follow
the people who spread lies but ignore the facts in front of your eyes?'
Hearing my sincere words, my son understood and didn't bother me
anymore. Before he left for other places to work, I said to him:
'Reciting 'Falun Dafa is good' will surely help you when something
happens.' He nodded. When spring came this year, he came back home. As
soon as he entered the house, he went to kowtow in front of Master's
picture. Later on he said: 'Dafa master has saved my life!' It turned
out that he had an accident when going out on a friend's motorcycle.
The motorcycle was totaled but he was not hurt at all, even his skin
was not scratched. He said that at the moment the accident happened, he
remembered Dafa and recited 'Falun Dafa is good' right away and asked
for Master's help. That's why he was safe."


It had turned dark before we noticed it. Since we still had a couple
hundred miles to go, everyone said good-bye to each other. It was very
quiet at night in mountain villages. No one was on the road except our
car. On both sides of the road were a few lights here and there that
added some color and hope in the darkness. I pondered that in this
society where morality declines daily, Falun Gong practitioners uphold
their principles and beliefs, telling people the truth. Isn't this also
hope for the Chinese people?

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