Arrangements in Cultivation Practice

A Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | December 3, 2007

From studying the Fa, I realized a principle. In Zhuan Falun, in reference to lust, Master said:

"When beings look from high levels, they say the people of the world
are really just playing in mud, but that they don't think it's filthy,
and they're on the ground playing away in the mud. We say that you
can't strain your family relations because of this, so take it lightly
during your current stage, and it's fine to just maintain normal and
harmonious marital relations. Later on when you get to a certain level
you'll have that level's cultivation state, but right now it's this
way, and we say it's good enough if you handle it like this. Of course,
you can't be like the people out there nowadays - how could that be

I realized that the lives of all true disciples are arranged by Master
and not by themselves. I often read the sharing of fellow
practitioners: Because they wanted to get rid of their lust that they
slept in separate rooms from their wife or husband and thus created
misunderstandings. The more they do it this way, the more their spouses
want it. Conflicts between husband and wife becomes more serious and
eventually becomes awful. This has created a bad image for Dafa and
Dafa practitioners. This is a result of making our own cultivation

I believe that what attachment needs to be eliminated will emerge
naturally according to his or her cultivation level. For example, I
frequently travel with a beautiful colleague from work. We often stayed
in adjacent rooms in the same hotel. I had many bad thoughts during
that time. My lust often appeared even when we were talking about
business. I thought to myself: I am a Dafa practitioner, how can be
controlled by such filthy thought? Could I say something improper to my
female colleague? Of course not!

After some time, my lust rarely reappeared after I could control my bad
thoughts. But soon my cultivation situation changed again in. One day,
this female colleague said to me suddenly: "I have had some bad dream
recently. I am scared when I wake up. Can you come to my room to watch
television with me?" My mind wavered when I heard this. But I realized
right away it was a test. So I said: "It is not proper. Some of our
office workers are living here as well. If I go to your room, it may
influence your reputation. Lock your door when you return to your room.
If there is any emergency, you can call me and I will come to help
you." I had numerous bad thoughts that night. I studied the Fa
according to my regular schedule and my lust disappeared. I haven't had
any xinxing tests since we
returned from our trip. I discovered that when a cultivator's mind is
righteous, his or her energy field will influence people around him and
will mend the bad thoughts of ordinary people we have contacted with.

Because Dafa cultivation starts from a microscopic level and extends to
the surface, the uncultivated portion in the surface will appear again
after some time. Here is the situation in my cultivation: One day my
boss transferred my assistant and provided me with a young and
beautiful female assistant. My bad thoughts again surfaced after the
new assistant began to work with me. I again used my righteous thoughts
to deal with it and got rid of those bad thoughts.

I once heard from a fellow practitioner that he was sent out of town
for three months. According to the company's rule, he can only go home
during the weekends and must pay for his own airfare. Because of his
strong sexual desire he went home to be with his wife every month. His
wife didn't object to it because she thought company had paid for the
airfare. Later, the wife complained because the practitioner had spent
all his salary on the airfare. Through our sharing later, the fellow
practitioner realized that it was actually an arrangement of his
cultivation situation. The trip was intended for getting rid of his
attachment to lust. Although there is nothing wrong with going home to
be with his wife, he  still didn't pass the test.

Some fellow practitioners think: "I am now reaching high-level
cultivation practice. I think that the status of high-level cultivation
is this way and, therefore, I must sleep in a room separate from my
wife or husband and have less and less desire for sex in our life
together." I think it is wrong to be this way. Master has said: "To
tell you the truth, the entire cultivation process for a practitioner
is one of constantly giving up the human attachments." (Zhuan Falun)
I realized that under different living environments, or at different
stages, when it is time to get rid of the attachment, Master will let
us know. Only if we face the attachment squarely and not be moved by it
to do the bad thing will we pass. If we dismiss it and get rid of it,
we will pass the test. I think a true cultivator does not take "action"
and does not make the arrangements for his cultivation status or path.
We only need to maintain a normal life. Of course, many bad behaviors,
such as sexual activity before marriage or extra-marital sexual
relationships, are definitely not allowed. The thoughts need to be

Looking from different angle, we are the Dafa practitioners in the Fa
rectification period and should do the three things well and reach
consummation. Master's arrangement must be the best for us. He gives us
the best. We don't need to consider the level of our consummation.

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