Cultivation Diary: Feeling Gratified but also Sorry

Xiao Mei

PureInsight | January 30, 2008

[] The Divine Performing Arts program was finally shown in Detroit. I couldn't help shedding tears several times during the show. My mind and my whole body were extremely moved.

During the intermission, several people called to me. I turned around to find my neighbors, my college classmates, my husband's old boss and many of my friends there.

Their faces were suffused with happiness. I was so touched for their being able to see the show that tears ran down my face.

I suddenly thought of other classmates in other areas. Although I had told them about the show, they didn't seem to show any interest. Ai! If I had enough money, how much I would have wanted to buy tickets for them! When I read the feedback from those people who had seen the show in their cities, I felt so sorry for my classmates. They didn't know what they had missed. Perhaps, I should have mentioned it to them again.

On the following day when I went to my office, I received several e-mails from my colleagues. One of my colleagues asked me, in Chinese, how I was and then went on to tell me that the show was "super and incredible" and she would tell her friends to see the show next time.

Seeing her feedback, I felt so gratified.

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